Friday, March 5, 2010

My Alter-egos

There are a few different Fozzies you know.

My latest alter-ego is the Wookie.  Sarah says I look more like one every day. She says I can do really good 'Wookie noises' as well.

Here is me (holding onto some peanut have to hold tight when THEY are always trying to take it away from you).

and here is a Wookie.....

I can't see any resemblance at all. That Wookie needs to get to the groomers. His name is Chewbacca. Maybe he chews stuff like I do?

My other names are:

The Fonz
Fuzzie (everyone seems to think that is my name, because Sarah has a funny accent and can't say FOzzie properly'
The Furbaby
The Monster (that's only when I've maybe chewed on one of their things that they shouldn't have left lying around anyway.)

It's a long list isn't it? The funny thing is, I don't answer to any of those names, or even to Fozzie when we're in the park. I go into 'the zone' and act like I'm just a bit too busy to come right now, thank you very much. The S's get really cross when I don't come! I have a few nicknames of my own for the S's actually, but I'd better not write them here. They are a bit rude.

Anyway, this is me as the Fonz. I am wearing my 'Elvis' wig which I got for Christmas. I let Tayla try it on, and everyone said it suited her better than me.
I am also Fozzie the Superdog. Here I am in my cape. I am waiting until someone needs me to do a good deed, then I'll spring into action. That's what Superdogs do. This picture is for my special friend Jake Field who draws pictures of me doing 'Superdog deeds'. One day he's coming to Australia to meet me! I hope he comes soon, I've got lots of toys to show him. He can bring Maisy too. She might like Finn and Griff the lady dogs who live next door. You know, I think they look more like Wookies than moi....

By the way, Syd thinks I look 'more Count Dogula, than Superdog' in this cape. It is true, I am seen here sporting part of my Hallowe'en attire. My Superdog cape was in the wash. I still have my powers though.....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Six naughty months old

I got a surprise for my half birthday! Someone left me a special treat and a card in MY letterbox! I ate both the treat AND the card, they were delicious. I don't know who it was, but I'm certain it was not Bodger. It might have been Finn, or maybe is a mystery really. Anyway - thanks to whoever it was!

The S's didn't get me anything at all. Instead, they spent all weekend chasing me around trying to squeeze ointment into my EYES. I had been a bit overexcited on a walk and had stuck my whole face into some sand whilst digging a really good hole. I got sand in my eyes which scratched them and made them itchy and guess what happened next.......I HAD TO GO TO THE VETS!

My eyes are better now, but I really did not appreciate that ointment. I have learned to run very fast when I see the ointment coming, just like I do when I smell that flea stuff. The S's think they are being clever; they get the ointment when they think I am not looking (but I am always looking) then they hide it behind their backs, and try and sneak  up on me. I watch them from the corner of my eye, and when they get near -I RUN!

The best thing about the scratchy eyes was that I did not have to go to OBEDIENCE on Sunday. I like going to obedience because all my friends are there; Kay, Gracie, Ringo - and there are things to run and jump on, but I don't like DOING obedience. I don't even like the word.

My friend Oscar came round on Sunday for a BBQ. I am now BIGGER than he is. He can walk underneath me -he is a bit of a 'shortarse' actually (though I didn't say that to him of course). I let him have one of my pig's ears during his visit (I was not 'romancing' him, just being a good host). When I had finished my pig's ear, I went to see how he was getting on with his and he showed me his teeth! I was not trying to steal it from him, I was just looking at it. I don't know why he is so suspicious.

At home I have been destroying a lot of stuff. I am 'in disgrace'. I don't mind it. When I am 'in disgrace' I have to sit outside. It's good there, you get some peace and quiet and can sit on the back deck, contemplating life and scowling at Sarah through the window. Here is some of the damage I did!