Thursday, December 8, 2011

We say NO!

This is my Christmas appeal which I would like all humans (especially those whose name starts with an S) to pay heed to.
Dogs don't like to be dressed up just because you have gone all Christmassy and silly. It isn't funny, it isn't cute, it's just wrong.  How would you like it if you had to wear an Elf hat before you could get your breakfast? Or you were made to walk to work (the park) with tinsel stuck to you? Just because you think it's OK to go out in public wearing a Santa hat does NOT mean we want to join you. I mean really, you can tell by our faces that we aren't happy. Can't you?

We dogs are saying NO this year to Christmas dress ups. Got it?
Yours sincerely

 Fozzie Claws.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Bear is back!

Hello Everyone

I am very sorry I have not written for sooo long, but here I am, just in time for the end of 2011. It has been a funny year. The months just kind of got away from me after the S's came back from their abandonment of me (I mean their 'holiday' that they went on for THREE WEEKS). Actually I had a great time without them it was pretty good. Lots of different girls came to stay with me and showed me a good time. Who needs the S's?

Here is photos of them, with their friends, having fun, bla bla whatever.

This is Syd DANCING!! I am glad I was not there to be honest, because as everyone knows, it's just too embarassing when your dad does a dance.......

Anyway back to me!! It's been so long since I have written and I have so much to tell I don't know where to start. We have finished putting our house back together.  That is good. No more strange men traipsing through the house making noise and dust and interfering with my weekday sleeps. Sarah said that making a new house was the most stressful thing she has ever done and so we won't be doing it again in a hurry. Noone asked me anyway, I didn't mind the old house. Anyway this one has a special dog door which is very handy when I spy Bodger on the back fence I can get outside really quick!

Sometimes I got in a mess when we did the house. I went where I was not supposed to. Here is me with a blue face after I went near some blue paint. Sarah said I looked like a cross between a yeti and a smurf. Rude.

Because our house was so messy, we have been a lot in the country - that is my best place. So much fun there! And so much space for playing football!

 The S's have been busy at work and are always making lists and organising things. Did you know it is nearly Christmas again? That came around quick didn't it? We have special visitors coming to see us this year - old people who like sherry. Anyway more of them later.

I think I will give you some highlights just to get you up to speed. I was TWO in August.  I was very hairy in August as well, looking at this photo! Anyway, I had a little party with my friends and I think you already saw some pictures that Gracie and Ruby put up of that.

I have been hanging out a lot with my brother Ringo since then. We have a weekly walk together it's the best fun. He tends to listen to his S more than I listen to mine - fancy us both having an S to boss us about!! I am supposed to be learning good behaviour from him. And I am teaching him how to roll on your back and bark at the same time after swimming! He is coming to stay with me for 2 weeks after Christmas - I can't wait!

We have had a few babies round to our place. All boys. And more are coming! I don't mind them but they do seem to need a lot of attention. And they wee all the time, even more than me! Babysitting means that babies come round and you sit around and look at them, you don't sit on them, and you don't take their toys either - that is NOT allowed.

What else? Oh yes I am particularly handsome now. I cannot leave the house without someone has to pat me or ask about me. Syd thinks I am so handsome he is trying to get me in an advert at his work! I am not sure they can afford me though. It is true, I have a certain way of looking at people that makes them want to rub my head. And I have been spending quite a lot of time just entertaining people by looking at them out of the car window. I provide that service for free and Syd says it really cheers up the people who are bored in the Sydney traffic when they see me looking at them.

In the country we had a lot of bad wind this winter - I don't mean me and Syd I mean the weather. The weather came and blew down a lot of trees so many that we had to have a very big fire with firemen to come and help us get rid of them. That was exciting.

Syd's news is that he has a new friend who he likes to spend all his time with. His name is Tractor. He is very noisy and I don't like him. Sometimes Sarah and me are allowed to go on Tractor but mostly it is Syd. Tractor gets special treatment like he has his own place to live and he gets washed and polished and Syd wears a special hat when he rides on him. Sometimes Syd spends all weekend going round in circles on Tractor - I think that's a bit silly but I don't say anything.

Sarah has a new hobby which I am not very keen on either. It is called baking. Because it is Christmas this means a lot of baking is happening. Sometimes there is a bad smell called burning and things don't look quite right, or they don't look like they did in the picture. Here is one example from this weekend. This is called 'mince pie'. I like mince and I like pie, but I won't be going near that.  I saw her making Syd take one of these things in the car to work with him. I bet he threw it out of the window !

Anyway that's just me getting back in touch with some of my news and I will be telling you some more of my tales soon. I hope everyone is well, and it's good to be back.

Love Fozzie (ps Don't try this at home - because it is NOT ALLOWED to put your paws up on the new benchtop).