Sunday, July 4, 2010

Patience and Pigs Ears

I have been learning about patience. I am getting quite good at it.

I have to do patience when we go to the cafe to get coffee. I have to wait outside whilst Sarah goes in and I must not bark or try to move. I have to sit very still until she comes back. Mostly I am good at this, but sometimes people come and try and rub me and I don't like that. I don't think that people should just come up and rub you for no reason. I don't go and rub them. I am usually just minding my own business, looking at pigeons and waiting, and an old lady or a small person will come and mess with my hair. If Sarah sees them she comes out of the cafe to make sure they are not stealing me. Clayton the Groodle lives at the cafe. He is MASSIVE, I think he's the biggest dog I know. He probably gets lots of snacks living in a cafe. He is a little bit scary..

I also have to do patience when we go to the bakery. I don't mind doing it then because usually I am about to get my own new, fresh bread roll. I can do patience really well then. Sometimes I get congratulated by passers by who say that I am very obedient. The girl at the bakery said I was a 'cool dog'. Yes I am a cool dog.

I use my patience most when the S's go out to work. I don't like it if they both go out for a long time. Sometimes only Syd goes and Sarah stays at home to do work, but when they both go, I have to be patient for hours. I get bored and so I go to sleep mostly, and when I wake up they are home again. I have a special dance I do when they come home. It involves spinning around in both directions. It's a bit like my pigs ear dance. Have a look.......

Talking of pigs ears, Oscar came round once and the S's actually gave him one of MY pigs ears. I could not believe it. He just casually ate it as though it was quite normal to go to someone's house and help yourself to their snacks. What a cheek! AND he growled at me when I went a little bit close to look at him, and see if maybe he was going to save me some. I am going on holidays with Oscar soon for a weekend - he had better not do that again - I am bigger than him now! We are going away because one of his humans, Jan, is going to be 40 (old). So this means we have to go and drink a lot of wine somewhere. Anyway, just look at this for bad behaviour.......spaniels are not supposed to growl are they?

I told his humans, the J's, how naughty he'd been, it was my duty really. Oscar got his comeuppance thought when he got home and he had diarrhoea from the pigs ear. That taught him. Ha! (I didn't know what comeuppance was so I looked it up and it said it was 'just desert', but Sarah said it is something dogs get if they are naughty and do a bad thing bla bla.)

I think it's also my duty to tell everyone that Sarah has been eating cake all week. She thinks noone knows, but I have been watching. She says it's ok to eat cake when it's cold as it give you energy,and she says I can't have any because it's got chocolate in it. Well, why is it not OK for me to get double pigs ears then? I am cold too! She sits around eating cake and I just get to wear a jumper. How is that fair?? If comeuppance is a desert then she's already had hers. Kay is going to tell her how to make a liver cake for my birthday - and Sarah won't be getting one single little piece. Not a crumb. I will let Syd have some though. I wish Syd would stay home more and Sarah would go to work...... Syd and I are going to the Airedale fun day on Sunday to play soccer. I can't wait!