Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dusty New Year

Hello and Happy New Year everyone.

I have been meaning to write to you since January but as you will see, we have been a little bit busy at our place........

First news is that I met a new friend whilst on holiday at Christmas. We were at Bunnings (Syd's favorite place, as you know) and I was waiting outside with Sarah, because ladies and dogs are not allowed inside. Well, a man came past and he had a baby Airedale called Norman, who was only 4 months old. We talked to Norman and his human for ages and guess what? Norman came from the same place as me, well his dad did, he came from Victoria and was called Old Iron!! Sarah was amazed and said that Norman and I must be related, and may be half brothers. That would not surprise me, as Norman was cool. He did the same trick as me; putting his paws into his drinking water! I have some photos of him but I cannot show you them yet.....I will explain why later!

The S's are doing a strange thing this year. This is why I have not been writing. They decided to knock down our house in Sydney! I don't know why, but they don't like it any more, so they got Neil, Ruby and Gracie to come and take it away. They brought their friend Anthony and spent all of January making a great big mess. They have knocked down the kitchen where I keep my bowls, and the dining room where I usually sleep in my brown bed. I have had to move into the downstairs bedroom with the S's and it is very squashy in there. We have to live in only two rooms for four months, Syd said. I think this will be bad for family harmony. But we will see. My dog dish is still around, I keep checking that it is there.

I was not very impressed yesterday with the builders. Neil has built a sort of cage where I have to stay all day, with Ruby and Gracie, so that I don't get in the way. I don't like it in there. It is MY house (well, what's left of it) and I think I should go where I like. And Ruby and Gracie are very bossy, telling me what to do and taking up too much space, even though they are smaller than me. You know what else? Neil even chopped up MY bone into 3 pieces and made me share it with them! When the S's got home last night I told them what I thought about this, but they said it was 'for my own good'. Hmmmpf. Also there is TOO much dust. My fur is going grey, and my brown bed is no longer brown. The S's look like someone dropped flour on them; they even go off to work looking like that. I don't really like to be seen with them to be honest.
A very amusing thing happened last night - Sarah fell into a big hole. She did not think it was funny but I did. Syd and I went to see if she was OK, and she was lying on her face muttering very rude words. The S's have to walk down a plank now to get to the toilet and it seems that Sarah is not very good at walking in a straight line, especially after 2 (large) glasses of wine...............

The last thing - I should not tell you but I will.....is that the S's have not had a shower for a whole week now! We don't have any hot water and that is their excuse. I can't tell you how smelly they are getting!! They say that Victoria is letting them have a shower at her house, but I can't smell much evidence of that! Poooooh!

Anyway, there are no new photos with this blog, because the computer has been put away out of the dust and so no photos can be put on here. This makes it very boring I realise but I thought I had better write something as today it is 1 March - the first day of Autumn and you  may be wondering what has happened to me as I have not written since Christmas. I promise to put some photos on soon and show you what I am having to put up with. The only good thing is that we go to Kangaroo Valley every weekend, where the S's can have a proper shower (thank goodness). Here are some Christmas photos of me, just so you don't feel deprived of my doggy handsomeness. This is me going on my holidays; I like to sleep ON TOP of the luggage so I don't get forgotten. And here is me on the beach at Christmas time. Beards are not practical on the beach...... that sand gets EVERYWHERE.....