Thursday, December 8, 2011

We say NO!

This is my Christmas appeal which I would like all humans (especially those whose name starts with an S) to pay heed to.
Dogs don't like to be dressed up just because you have gone all Christmassy and silly. It isn't funny, it isn't cute, it's just wrong.  How would you like it if you had to wear an Elf hat before you could get your breakfast? Or you were made to walk to work (the park) with tinsel stuck to you? Just because you think it's OK to go out in public wearing a Santa hat does NOT mean we want to join you. I mean really, you can tell by our faces that we aren't happy. Can't you?

We dogs are saying NO this year to Christmas dress ups. Got it?
Yours sincerely

 Fozzie Claws.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Bear is back!

Hello Everyone

I am very sorry I have not written for sooo long, but here I am, just in time for the end of 2011. It has been a funny year. The months just kind of got away from me after the S's came back from their abandonment of me (I mean their 'holiday' that they went on for THREE WEEKS). Actually I had a great time without them it was pretty good. Lots of different girls came to stay with me and showed me a good time. Who needs the S's?

Here is photos of them, with their friends, having fun, bla bla whatever.

This is Syd DANCING!! I am glad I was not there to be honest, because as everyone knows, it's just too embarassing when your dad does a dance.......

Anyway back to me!! It's been so long since I have written and I have so much to tell I don't know where to start. We have finished putting our house back together.  That is good. No more strange men traipsing through the house making noise and dust and interfering with my weekday sleeps. Sarah said that making a new house was the most stressful thing she has ever done and so we won't be doing it again in a hurry. Noone asked me anyway, I didn't mind the old house. Anyway this one has a special dog door which is very handy when I spy Bodger on the back fence I can get outside really quick!

Sometimes I got in a mess when we did the house. I went where I was not supposed to. Here is me with a blue face after I went near some blue paint. Sarah said I looked like a cross between a yeti and a smurf. Rude.

Because our house was so messy, we have been a lot in the country - that is my best place. So much fun there! And so much space for playing football!

 The S's have been busy at work and are always making lists and organising things. Did you know it is nearly Christmas again? That came around quick didn't it? We have special visitors coming to see us this year - old people who like sherry. Anyway more of them later.

I think I will give you some highlights just to get you up to speed. I was TWO in August.  I was very hairy in August as well, looking at this photo! Anyway, I had a little party with my friends and I think you already saw some pictures that Gracie and Ruby put up of that.

I have been hanging out a lot with my brother Ringo since then. We have a weekly walk together it's the best fun. He tends to listen to his S more than I listen to mine - fancy us both having an S to boss us about!! I am supposed to be learning good behaviour from him. And I am teaching him how to roll on your back and bark at the same time after swimming! He is coming to stay with me for 2 weeks after Christmas - I can't wait!

We have had a few babies round to our place. All boys. And more are coming! I don't mind them but they do seem to need a lot of attention. And they wee all the time, even more than me! Babysitting means that babies come round and you sit around and look at them, you don't sit on them, and you don't take their toys either - that is NOT allowed.

What else? Oh yes I am particularly handsome now. I cannot leave the house without someone has to pat me or ask about me. Syd thinks I am so handsome he is trying to get me in an advert at his work! I am not sure they can afford me though. It is true, I have a certain way of looking at people that makes them want to rub my head. And I have been spending quite a lot of time just entertaining people by looking at them out of the car window. I provide that service for free and Syd says it really cheers up the people who are bored in the Sydney traffic when they see me looking at them.

In the country we had a lot of bad wind this winter - I don't mean me and Syd I mean the weather. The weather came and blew down a lot of trees so many that we had to have a very big fire with firemen to come and help us get rid of them. That was exciting.

Syd's news is that he has a new friend who he likes to spend all his time with. His name is Tractor. He is very noisy and I don't like him. Sometimes Sarah and me are allowed to go on Tractor but mostly it is Syd. Tractor gets special treatment like he has his own place to live and he gets washed and polished and Syd wears a special hat when he rides on him. Sometimes Syd spends all weekend going round in circles on Tractor - I think that's a bit silly but I don't say anything.

Sarah has a new hobby which I am not very keen on either. It is called baking. Because it is Christmas this means a lot of baking is happening. Sometimes there is a bad smell called burning and things don't look quite right, or they don't look like they did in the picture. Here is one example from this weekend. This is called 'mince pie'. I like mince and I like pie, but I won't be going near that.  I saw her making Syd take one of these things in the car to work with him. I bet he threw it out of the window !

Anyway that's just me getting back in touch with some of my news and I will be telling you some more of my tales soon. I hope everyone is well, and it's good to be back.

Love Fozzie (ps Don't try this at home - because it is NOT ALLOWED to put your paws up on the new benchtop).

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The R word

We are not allowed to mention the R word in our house. I thought the R word was ruff, as that is the only r word I can say, and I was a bit worried because if I could not say ruff, I would only be left with woof, and a few throat grumbles, leaving me with quite a limited vocabulary. Anyway it turns out that the r word is not ruff after all. It is renovations. Oops, I accidentally said the word. We are not allowed to say that word or talk about you know what in any way. It is Sarah who has decided this, and as you know, she is very bossy so we have to do as we are told. She says she does not want to talk about tiles, or door handles, or silent close draws or which types of taps or light fittings to get AT ALL anymore. This is a bit difficult because Syd does like to talk all day and all night about these things,and even on holiday he wants to talk about them. He likes to talk about them more than FOOTBALL, and when he is not talking about them, he is looking them up on his computer.

The S's have each got a special computer called iPad which can tell you anything you need to know, like which are the best taps, a recipe for marmalade cake, where all the dog beaches are, and the most important of all; football scores. Also, if one S doesn't want to talk to the other S, then the S's can talk to each other via iPad. Once they were sitting next to each other on the sofa writing questions on iPad to each other. I think this is a bit silly, but it is nice and peaceful for me if there is no talking or screeching from the S's when I am having one of my sleeps.

Syd even takes iPad to bed with him and he gets in trouble for this. Apparently it IS ok to take books to bed, but not iPad. I don't understand why it is ok for both S's to have a big Easter egg but not ok for Fozzie to have any Easter egg at all, even when one of the Easter eggs had FOZZIE clearly written on it? Who made up that rule?

I enjoyed Easter despite this, because we went to the country for 5 days to look for the Easter bunny and do an egg hunt. I didn't bother looking for eggs since dogs are not allowed any, so what is the point? I was also hoping to find the Easter rats. They have been visiting our house in the country and chewing things up in the garage. I can't WAIT to find them. I could smell a rat last time we went, and I got so excited my tail stood on end and I ripped up a box because I though maybe a rat was hiding there. He was not, but he had been there I just knew it.

We have had to go to the country a lot and we have had a few visitors. I like visitors to come as it's more fun than just having to look at the S's doing gardening. Jan and Oscar came to stay then Victoria came, because we have been staying at their houses quite a lot so we wanted to thank them for putting up with the S's, who can be quite troublesome, not like me who can be taken anywhere. The S's have been quite embarrassing to be honest, arguing about "r" things; it is boring for the rest of us listening to them! We had to go out of our house in Sydney after one S had a 'meltdown' about dust and no running water or kitchen or bathroom to use. I liked staying at Oscar's house because he never finishes his bones which means a lot of work for me going around and eating them all up for him. We had our own room for Fozzie and the S's, and Oscar even has his own park right outside his house. Brilliant!

Then me and "Meltdown S" stayed with Victoria whilst Syd escaped to London. Sensible of him. Victoria also has a park right outside her house, it was very handy. We had nice dinners at Victoria's and wine consumption went up a lot, I noticed. There was also a lot more screeching than normal (when you have two ladies together Syd says this is to be expected)and of course the usual moaning about dust and builders again. The really bad thing though was that I had to share a bed with Sarah and I didn't have enough room as I am quite a big dog these days. She said I was hogging the blankets but I was not. A dog needs his space when he is nearly 2, and he should not have to share a bed with his mum! I feel sorry for Syd because she snores too, don't tell her I told you.....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Creatures

This is Fozzie Bear's Easter rhyme,
To eat our chocs it is nearly time,
Syd has an big egg and I have one too,
No way Sarah, we won't share them with you!

How come she says 'NO! You can't eat that!'?
It has my name on; from Bruce and Pat,
It's written with 'Fozzie', it's definitely mine
So if I can't eat it, then YOU can't have wine!

What stupid nonsense; no chocolate for dogs,
No jumping, no barking and no chewing socks,
See how you like to get told what to do
We say 'enough' and now we're telling you;

Leave us in peace, to do our 'bloke stuff'
Of sofa and football, we can't get enough,
I hope I will see the Easter rabbit,
Or wombat, or rat and if so I will grab it.

The country is crawling with all furry creatures,
And bald ones called snakes, who are dying to eat us.
Next door are living the Easter hens,
I'd chase them if I could just get through the fence.

But escaping is naughty and gets you in trouble,
Last time I did it there was a kerfuffle.
I was rounded up and I got a smacked bottom,
Outrageous! And proof that the S's are rotten.

On our big pond we've got Easter ducks,
But those ones can fly, and that really sucks,
They sit in the water and do all that quacking,
But when I get near, then they take off by flapping.

So my top favorite creature with whom to do combat,
Oh yes you've got it, of course it's a wombat.
They don't fly away and they don't bounce like Roos
Did you know, quite amazing they do cubic poos?

So back to that chocolate and those hot cross buns,
Easter's for eating And dogs having fun,
I hope that you all have a jolly good time,
And your humans behave themselves better than mine!

Happy Easter
Love from Fozzie Bear

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bali Dogs

The S's are back from their holiday. I have forgiven them for not taking me, as where they went was too hot for me in my winter fur. They went to Bali, which they said is a very nice place with nice people, but also with a lot of sad dogs.

I am glad I did not go and see those dogs, as Sarah said a lot of dogs, maybe a million (which is more dogs than I can even imagine) live in Bali but don't have a home, or anyone to look after them, or enough to eat. They never go to the vets either, which I think is good, but Sarah says is bad, and all dogs do need to go to the vets sometimes, because they might be itchy, or have been injured and need to be mended (like when I got a sore paw recently). The dogs are everywhere in Bali, and you can't even pat them because some have rabies which is terrible for dogs and humans, so that means they are lonely too because no one is nice to them. I love to get pats, apart from when they are from small people or old ladies, so it made me feel very sorry for the dogs in Bali to think they are missing out on even that.

The people in Bali are not cruel to the dogs but they don't have any spare money to spend on dogs because many people don't even have enough money for themselves. Some people feed the dogs but otherwise the dogs just have to find food for themselves. Sarah saw one poor dog who was so hungry he was trying to eat from a pile of rubbish that was on fire, and a puppy who hardly had any fur left because he had parasites and could not get rid of them just by scratching. Sarah said the strangest thing was that although she saw dogs everywhere, a lot of other tourists didn't seem to notice them at all, it was like they were invisible. Maybe because they are quiet, and are not making a fuss or bothering people, but just trying to survive, it is easy for people to pretend they are not there.

I have been thinking a lot about the poor dogs and what I can do to help them. I have sent some of my pocket money to go towards looking after them and maybe some pigs ears for them (all dogs should have access to treats and pigs ears.) The S's have also sent some of their pocket money to help the dogs, and Sarah says we should tell our friends about the dogs too, in case anyone else wants to help them. You can send any spare pocket money to these kind people at who spend all their time helping the dogs and other animals too. They send vets to help the dogs and make them better, and stop them from breeding so there are not too many sick dogs in future, and find homes for dogs too.

Syd suggested I should get my friends to sponsor me to do something. Perhaps a sponsored haircut or something. I said perhaps HE should do a sponsored haircut, and shave his fur off, not me! (He is nearly as hairy as me, but not on his head.) Anyway, then Sarah had a very good idea about what we could do. Or what Syd could not do! To raise money for the dogs, Syd could do a 'sponsored not eating chocolate!' Haha! He could not eat chocolate for the Bali dogs! Syd does not know about this yet, we did not tell him because we don't want to make him grumpy. I think he will be VERY grumpy when we tell him, firstly because he likes chocolate A LOT and secondly because Easter is coming, and we've got Easter eggs to eat! Oh dear, I don't think he would like this idea at all. I think Sarah should do something too, she thought perhaps a sponsored massage, like they do in Bali, if we could get $100 for the dogs, but I don't think she has the right idea do you? I think a sponsored 'no bossing' would be much better (although the dogs would not get money because she would not be able to do 'no bossing' for very long.) I am cross with Sarah, by the way, she went next door and told Bodger's human, Adam, that I had been tunneling under the fence and now they have made a plan to block up the hole. It is just not fair, I have not even had chance to chase Bodger round his own yard yet as he's always out when I go round. Spoilsports.

I am going to tell all my friends at the park about the dogs, to see if they will sponsor us. It makes me realize what a lucky dog I am, when I hear about those poor dogs in Bali, to lve in Australia, even with the S's. Only last week, I was in the park and someone had kindly left me 3 lamingtons on a picnic table. I ate them straight away. For any non Aussies, a lamington is a special Aussie cake with coconut and sponge, not normally for dogs, which was why it was such a nice surprise to see then kindly left out for moi. Yum.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sore Paw

I have been 'in the wars' again. Not fighting because I never do fighting. Just hurting myself. Syd says I am accident prone.... I can't type very well at all, so sorry if I do mistakes. My paw is VERY SAW, I mean sore. Last week Sarah found a lump between my toes. She pressed it and I did a big squeal and gave her one of my looks. This kind of a look.........A not happy look.

So we had to go the vets. Do you know what had happened to my paw? A grass seed had gone inside my toes and made my foot all swollen, and so today I had to go to the vets AGAIN to have it taken out. You know how I feel about the vets......... mmmmm. I gave them a look too, just before I went to sleep........

Anyway I have to say that even though I am not keen on vets, and I feel a bit woozy, I am glad I went and let them take it out as my paw feels a little bit better. Grass seeds are evil, like Bodger. The vet says they can travel through a dogs leg and even end up in his kidneys. Yuk!

I have to wear a sock for a few days on the sore paw, just one sock though, not four, which looks a bit silly so I think that tomorrow I will take it off (I nearly got it off already, I am nibbling it when noone is looking). Now I am just having a snoozy afternoon. Actually I should not really be writing, I am not supposed to do 'any work', or 'make any major decisions' for the next 24 hours. That is what they said at the vets. I don't generally have any big decisions to make, which is lucky; apart from which park to go to for my walk, or which side of the car sit on when leaning out of the window.

Other news - Sarah is leaving work, and all her friends. I don't think she should, I am worried she might spend more time hanging round here. Anway we shall see. She and Syd are going on holiday without me for a week after she leaves work. Yes that's right, without me. But you know what - I DON'T CARE! I have decided it is good when they go away sometimes, not all of the time, but sometimes it is good to get a little break from them. And be in charge. A dog can have too many S's around the place. Angie Paws is coming to look after me. I think that I will be able to 'get away with stuff' whilst she is here, because she is very nice and never tells me off. And also because she cannot find my report card book that she usually fills in, telling 'tails' about what I have been up to. Noone can find anything in our messy house anymore; it is all covered in dust and the only food we have is dogbiscuits (fortunately). I think I will tell Angie that I am allowed pigs ears on demand, that I sleep where I like, and that I don't have to share my bones with Ruby and Gracie. And that I never wear socks.

We still have Ruby and Gracie and Neil and Anthony at our place, building us a new house - in between drinking tea and doing the crossword of course. Sometimes it feels like they have been here forever. They make a lot of mess, which means I have to have more baths because I get very dusty and itchy. You know how I feel about baths..... Also I had to have a special dogdoor sent from England for me which has to be put in the new windows. I will be in charge of supervising everyone whilst Syd is away. It is a big reponsibility. I will intruct them on where to put my new bed, and what kind of plants to put in the new garden (the digging up kind, obviously).

 Also I will make sure they don't fill in the exciting new tunnel I have found which has twice now allowed me to tunnel through, commando style (I mean by digging, nothing to do with not wearing underpants) under the fence to BODGER's HOUSE! Disappointingly, he was out on both occasions but I had a thoroughly good sniff around for him, and checked out his toys, and his yard; which was much tidier than ours by the way. Mind you, our yard has mostly been stolen, and replaced with a pile of rubbish, a bit like our house.

 After my tunneling adventure, I was only persuaded me to come home by the whiff of pig's ear that I suddenly caught, near the tunnel entrance on our side of the fence. I came back quick before someone else got it. It is bad enough sharing bones with Ruby and Gracie, I REFUSE to share pigs' ears. It was Ruby's birthday last week and Sarah bought us all a liver cookie each, but I accidentally ate 2 of them, so Gracie didn't get one. I felt a bit sorry that I did that, but not that sorry. I made sure  that I got all traces of it out of my beard before Gracie saw me, I think I got away with it.

I can't wait for my next excursion into the tunnel, but please don't tell the S's, I have a feeling they will not be amused by the thought of me leaving home without permission as that is NOT ALLOWED...... so it can be our secret. A bit like the liver cookie.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My friends and Cleaning the Park

I thought I would mention some of my friends who I play with down at Elkington park. I am talking about my dog friends of course. They have humans as well, and some of the humans are not bad - I have sometimes considered swapping my humans for some new ones from the park in fact....

Anyway, first here is Prince. Prince is my age and he likes to play rumble with me. We play at bitey face and sitting on top of each other until we get very tired. His friend is Jack who does not really play. He likes to sit and destroy his toy or his ball, and he especially likes fetching sticks in the water swim. I can swim, I learnt when the S's threw a sausage in some deep water.....but I prefer to paddle and dig in the water. I like to watch the other dogs swim, and I really like paddling on hot days, right up to my neck.

Next there is Shorty the chocolate labrador (he does not taste of chocolate though). He is a great friend of mine. When we see each other, we do a stand off, and a staring competion, until one of us cracks...... Then we charge at each other and we really rumble until we get so tired we have to go and get a drink from the tap. Sometimes I win, as I am taller than Shorty (he is short of course) but sometimes he rolls on me and I get out of breath. He comes to the park early, so it is a good start to the day if I see him. He is not as fierce as he looks in this picture, this was an 'action shot'.

Next is Tigger. Tigger is the old man of the park. He is in charge of us all and he is a bit bossy. I usually see him at the cafe, on the way to the park. He howls at me and I woof at him and then we sit and wait whilst Sarah gets coffee. I like Tigger's human, Ted. He always scratches me on the top of my tail, my itchiest part, and he says I am a 'very amusing dog'. I think this is a good thing? Tigger mostly ignores me in the park but sometimes I can stir him up enough to get him to chase me. This is great fun!

There is a gang of small dogs who also go to the park, and I used to play with them, but now I am a big dog, I like to hang out with other big dogs. There are 2 pugs who always follow me around whilst I am 'aloof'; this one is Wolfie.

Aso there is Katemba. She is a girl but I do let her play with me. She is very fast at running and everyone likes her. Another lady friend of mine is Frankie. I really like her - we play at bitey face a lot. Sarah says I have a crush on her, but I do NOT, she is just my friend. I have not put any pictures of girls on here.

New to the park is Dave. Everyone loves him, he is only 6 months old and wants to play ALL the time. Sometimes I have to run away from him for a rest and hang out on my own for a bit. Dave has a face that looks like he sniffed a bad smell or ran into a tree or something. Sarah says I should not make rude comments about people's faces and it is personalities that are important anyway. I think for once that I agree with her but I do spend quite a lot of time looking at Dave's face and wondering how it got like that. A dog should have a LONG nose, not a squashed one. I don't know how he manages for poking his nose into really good smells, it must be very challenging for him.

Anyway enough of Dave, he gets far too much attention already. Our park is sometimes very dirty because a lot of people leave their rubbish in it, especially after the weekends. I don't know why because I am not allowed to leave my poo in the park. I have to take it home with me! Well Sarah does...... Recently one weekend it was Clean Up Australia day, so we had to go and pick up rubbish for all the people who cannot manage to do it for themselves. We cannot clean up ALL of Australia as it is quite big, so we just concentrated on a little bit of it. We did not pick up other people's poo though, we draw the line at that. I was mostly wandering about looking in the bags of rubbish to see if there were any sandwiches (there were no sandwiches, only bags that used to have sandwiches), but it was still helping.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fozzie Stats

Remember how I had an end of year review once? Well, Sarah has apparently been 'compiling my stats', whatever that means. It is review time again. I don't think everyone really needs to know all this stuff about me, but here they are.
Me and Ringo eating carrots

No of leg related injuries = 3(1 broken leg and 2 x grass seeds in toes, both requiring surgery)
No of times weed on a lady =2 (both times lady was wearing long skirt, easily mistaken for lampost)
No of times weed on a man = 1 (not at same time as lady)
No of times stolen food from strangers = 4 (lamington incident, croissant from baby in pram, broccoli from lady's shopping bag and putting of face in little girl's birthday cake in park)
Best thing stolen from S's =  a pack of strawberry shortbread sent all the way from Scotland
No of time tunneled under fence into Bodger's yard= 2 (that the S's are aware of.....)
No of gardening gloves eaten = 'we have lost count'
No of wombats and ducks chased = not nearly enough!
No of carrots stolen from garden = enough
No of bald men's heads licked whilst they were mending the washing machine = 1
No of Christmas cakes eaten = 1
No of times vomiting induced by the vet after a whole Christmas cake had been eaten = 1
(That was terrible actually, I will never, ever steal another Christmas cake I promise)

Me at my Saturday job
Ok I think that is enough!! I have been compiling my own stats on the S's, also interesting reading;

No of times gone on holiday without Fozzie =3, yes that is right THREE!
No of bottles of wine consumed per week= MANY
% of time spent moaning about builders= 80
% of time spent moaning about other things = 20
No of times told Sarah he had sushi for lunch but really had chicken burger and chips= 3

Right Syd says I have to stop there; I was just getting warmed up!

I used to have a report book filled in by Angie Paws - I got stars if I was good and no stars if I was bad. There were a lot of days with stars. But quite a few with no stars at all........ Anyway what the S's say is bad (trying to get Bodger by tunnelling into his garden) another person might think is totally fine. And what the S thinks is good (gardening and going round in circles on Tractor all day) someone else might think is the most stupid thing ever. Talking of Bodger, I got in trouble yesterday because of HIM. I was just coming home from my walk and I spied him under a car outside our house - I spied him before Sarah and I took off without telling her and then there was a lot of screeching and Syd had to come and help because I was wedged under the car. The bad news was that the fiend escaped. Sarah says her arm was nearly dislocated. I had to go in the house and sit in the corner and think about what I had done. I nearly had him, it was sooooo close.

Me leading my pack
Anyway back to my stats, I don't think it is right to judge dogs like this. I say, live and let live, which translated into Airedale talk means don't harrass your dog when he's just doing what comes naturally to him (chasing cats, eating unmentionables found in the park, sitting on your newly made bed with his bone which is not supposed to come into the house - actually I am not sure if they knew about that one, anyway never mind let's talk about something else now).

Me helping an old person around the park
 Check this out - this is moi on a label which was on a lot of bottles of wine the S's bought for Christmas. Apart from that silly hat I look rather cool. This is a good idea  - it is Goodwill wine - and it means you can buy wine for your friends and some money gets sent to charity. We supported Airenet this way which is a charity that helps Airedales to find new homes ( I might check that out actually....) Of course Sarah likes that idea becuse it means she can drink a lot more wine and 'do good' at the same time. She's not fooling me.....

Famous me!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dusty New Year

Hello and Happy New Year everyone.

I have been meaning to write to you since January but as you will see, we have been a little bit busy at our place........

First news is that I met a new friend whilst on holiday at Christmas. We were at Bunnings (Syd's favorite place, as you know) and I was waiting outside with Sarah, because ladies and dogs are not allowed inside. Well, a man came past and he had a baby Airedale called Norman, who was only 4 months old. We talked to Norman and his human for ages and guess what? Norman came from the same place as me, well his dad did, he came from Victoria and was called Old Iron!! Sarah was amazed and said that Norman and I must be related, and may be half brothers. That would not surprise me, as Norman was cool. He did the same trick as me; putting his paws into his drinking water! I have some photos of him but I cannot show you them yet.....I will explain why later!

The S's are doing a strange thing this year. This is why I have not been writing. They decided to knock down our house in Sydney! I don't know why, but they don't like it any more, so they got Neil, Ruby and Gracie to come and take it away. They brought their friend Anthony and spent all of January making a great big mess. They have knocked down the kitchen where I keep my bowls, and the dining room where I usually sleep in my brown bed. I have had to move into the downstairs bedroom with the S's and it is very squashy in there. We have to live in only two rooms for four months, Syd said. I think this will be bad for family harmony. But we will see. My dog dish is still around, I keep checking that it is there.

I was not very impressed yesterday with the builders. Neil has built a sort of cage where I have to stay all day, with Ruby and Gracie, so that I don't get in the way. I don't like it in there. It is MY house (well, what's left of it) and I think I should go where I like. And Ruby and Gracie are very bossy, telling me what to do and taking up too much space, even though they are smaller than me. You know what else? Neil even chopped up MY bone into 3 pieces and made me share it with them! When the S's got home last night I told them what I thought about this, but they said it was 'for my own good'. Hmmmpf. Also there is TOO much dust. My fur is going grey, and my brown bed is no longer brown. The S's look like someone dropped flour on them; they even go off to work looking like that. I don't really like to be seen with them to be honest.
A very amusing thing happened last night - Sarah fell into a big hole. She did not think it was funny but I did. Syd and I went to see if she was OK, and she was lying on her face muttering very rude words. The S's have to walk down a plank now to get to the toilet and it seems that Sarah is not very good at walking in a straight line, especially after 2 (large) glasses of wine...............

The last thing - I should not tell you but I that the S's have not had a shower for a whole week now! We don't have any hot water and that is their excuse. I can't tell you how smelly they are getting!! They say that Victoria is letting them have a shower at her house, but I can't smell much evidence of that! Poooooh!

Anyway, there are no new photos with this blog, because the computer has been put away out of the dust and so no photos can be put on here. This makes it very boring I realise but I thought I had better write something as today it is 1 March - the first day of Autumn and you  may be wondering what has happened to me as I have not written since Christmas. I promise to put some photos on soon and show you what I am having to put up with. The only good thing is that we go to Kangaroo Valley every weekend, where the S's can have a proper shower (thank goodness). Here are some Christmas photos of me, just so you don't feel deprived of my doggy handsomeness. This is me going on my holidays; I like to sleep ON TOP of the luggage so I don't get forgotten. And here is me on the beach at Christmas time. Beards are not practical on the beach...... that sand gets EVERYWHERE.....