Sunday, April 10, 2011

My friends and Cleaning the Park

I thought I would mention some of my friends who I play with down at Elkington park. I am talking about my dog friends of course. They have humans as well, and some of the humans are not bad - I have sometimes considered swapping my humans for some new ones from the park in fact....

Anyway, first here is Prince. Prince is my age and he likes to play rumble with me. We play at bitey face and sitting on top of each other until we get very tired. His friend is Jack who does not really play. He likes to sit and destroy his toy or his ball, and he especially likes fetching sticks in the water swim. I can swim, I learnt when the S's threw a sausage in some deep water.....but I prefer to paddle and dig in the water. I like to watch the other dogs swim, and I really like paddling on hot days, right up to my neck.

Next there is Shorty the chocolate labrador (he does not taste of chocolate though). He is a great friend of mine. When we see each other, we do a stand off, and a staring competion, until one of us cracks...... Then we charge at each other and we really rumble until we get so tired we have to go and get a drink from the tap. Sometimes I win, as I am taller than Shorty (he is short of course) but sometimes he rolls on me and I get out of breath. He comes to the park early, so it is a good start to the day if I see him. He is not as fierce as he looks in this picture, this was an 'action shot'.

Next is Tigger. Tigger is the old man of the park. He is in charge of us all and he is a bit bossy. I usually see him at the cafe, on the way to the park. He howls at me and I woof at him and then we sit and wait whilst Sarah gets coffee. I like Tigger's human, Ted. He always scratches me on the top of my tail, my itchiest part, and he says I am a 'very amusing dog'. I think this is a good thing? Tigger mostly ignores me in the park but sometimes I can stir him up enough to get him to chase me. This is great fun!

There is a gang of small dogs who also go to the park, and I used to play with them, but now I am a big dog, I like to hang out with other big dogs. There are 2 pugs who always follow me around whilst I am 'aloof'; this one is Wolfie.

Aso there is Katemba. She is a girl but I do let her play with me. She is very fast at running and everyone likes her. Another lady friend of mine is Frankie. I really like her - we play at bitey face a lot. Sarah says I have a crush on her, but I do NOT, she is just my friend. I have not put any pictures of girls on here.

New to the park is Dave. Everyone loves him, he is only 6 months old and wants to play ALL the time. Sometimes I have to run away from him for a rest and hang out on my own for a bit. Dave has a face that looks like he sniffed a bad smell or ran into a tree or something. Sarah says I should not make rude comments about people's faces and it is personalities that are important anyway. I think for once that I agree with her but I do spend quite a lot of time looking at Dave's face and wondering how it got like that. A dog should have a LONG nose, not a squashed one. I don't know how he manages for poking his nose into really good smells, it must be very challenging for him.

Anyway enough of Dave, he gets far too much attention already. Our park is sometimes very dirty because a lot of people leave their rubbish in it, especially after the weekends. I don't know why because I am not allowed to leave my poo in the park. I have to take it home with me! Well Sarah does...... Recently one weekend it was Clean Up Australia day, so we had to go and pick up rubbish for all the people who cannot manage to do it for themselves. We cannot clean up ALL of Australia as it is quite big, so we just concentrated on a little bit of it. We did not pick up other people's poo though, we draw the line at that. I was mostly wandering about looking in the bags of rubbish to see if there were any sandwiches (there were no sandwiches, only bags that used to have sandwiches), but it was still helping.


  1. hi Fozzy
    Youw pawk looks like it's full of some gweat fwiend! I love all the games you play. I wish all hoomans would do theiw bit and pick up aftew theiw doggies and not make it cwummy fow the west of us.
    I'm so glad that it doesn't intewfewe wif youw fun though
    smoochie kisses

  2. Mom and dad used to have an English Bulldog before they got us and they think those squashed noses and kinky curley tails are very endearing.
    We think they look kinda funny too, Fozzie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Fozzie,
    You have some pretty great furiends!! That was good of you to clean up your park :)

    Wyatt and Stanzie