Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Creatures

This is Fozzie Bear's Easter rhyme,
To eat our chocs it is nearly time,
Syd has an big egg and I have one too,
No way Sarah, we won't share them with you!

How come she says 'NO! You can't eat that!'?
It has my name on; from Bruce and Pat,
It's written with 'Fozzie', it's definitely mine
So if I can't eat it, then YOU can't have wine!

What stupid nonsense; no chocolate for dogs,
No jumping, no barking and no chewing socks,
See how you like to get told what to do
We say 'enough' and now we're telling you;

Leave us in peace, to do our 'bloke stuff'
Of sofa and football, we can't get enough,
I hope I will see the Easter rabbit,
Or wombat, or rat and if so I will grab it.

The country is crawling with all furry creatures,
And bald ones called snakes, who are dying to eat us.
Next door are living the Easter hens,
I'd chase them if I could just get through the fence.

But escaping is naughty and gets you in trouble,
Last time I did it there was a kerfuffle.
I was rounded up and I got a smacked bottom,
Outrageous! And proof that the S's are rotten.

On our big pond we've got Easter ducks,
But those ones can fly, and that really sucks,
They sit in the water and do all that quacking,
But when I get near, then they take off by flapping.

So my top favorite creature with whom to do combat,
Oh yes you've got it, of course it's a wombat.
They don't fly away and they don't bounce like Roos
Did you know, quite amazing they do cubic poos?

So back to that chocolate and those hot cross buns,
Easter's for eating And dogs having fun,
I hope that you all have a jolly good time,
And your humans behave themselves better than mine!

Happy Easter
Love from Fozzie Bear


  1. Fozzy
    You awe a wondewful poet
    I had no idea
    I so agwee wif you. I'm afwaid , I had the same bans , but i did manage to snag some eEastew ham and eggs at least.
    Hope you and Syd managed some fun
    smoochie kisses

  2. Love your poem, Fozzie!!
    What?!? No chocolate eggs and no critters to chase...what's up pup?


  3. Bwahahaha...Fozzie your hoomans are down right cruel! Tempting you with the forbiden chocolate bunbuns. Sheesh. Hope they at least got you some special doggy treats after such a mean display!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  4. Oooh Fozzie - you lucky pupster! Wish I had an egg- though I prefer mine scrambled truth be told. Thanks for stoppping by my blog-I'll tell the staff to drive over the sea to see you next time we have a camper van!Dylan the Dog

  5. What happened to your post from yesterday? Where are you Fozzie??? We miss you!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and HOotie