Monday, April 25, 2011

Bali Dogs

The S's are back from their holiday. I have forgiven them for not taking me, as where they went was too hot for me in my winter fur. They went to Bali, which they said is a very nice place with nice people, but also with a lot of sad dogs.

I am glad I did not go and see those dogs, as Sarah said a lot of dogs, maybe a million (which is more dogs than I can even imagine) live in Bali but don't have a home, or anyone to look after them, or enough to eat. They never go to the vets either, which I think is good, but Sarah says is bad, and all dogs do need to go to the vets sometimes, because they might be itchy, or have been injured and need to be mended (like when I got a sore paw recently). The dogs are everywhere in Bali, and you can't even pat them because some have rabies which is terrible for dogs and humans, so that means they are lonely too because no one is nice to them. I love to get pats, apart from when they are from small people or old ladies, so it made me feel very sorry for the dogs in Bali to think they are missing out on even that.

The people in Bali are not cruel to the dogs but they don't have any spare money to spend on dogs because many people don't even have enough money for themselves. Some people feed the dogs but otherwise the dogs just have to find food for themselves. Sarah saw one poor dog who was so hungry he was trying to eat from a pile of rubbish that was on fire, and a puppy who hardly had any fur left because he had parasites and could not get rid of them just by scratching. Sarah said the strangest thing was that although she saw dogs everywhere, a lot of other tourists didn't seem to notice them at all, it was like they were invisible. Maybe because they are quiet, and are not making a fuss or bothering people, but just trying to survive, it is easy for people to pretend they are not there.

I have been thinking a lot about the poor dogs and what I can do to help them. I have sent some of my pocket money to go towards looking after them and maybe some pigs ears for them (all dogs should have access to treats and pigs ears.) The S's have also sent some of their pocket money to help the dogs, and Sarah says we should tell our friends about the dogs too, in case anyone else wants to help them. You can send any spare pocket money to these kind people at who spend all their time helping the dogs and other animals too. They send vets to help the dogs and make them better, and stop them from breeding so there are not too many sick dogs in future, and find homes for dogs too.

Syd suggested I should get my friends to sponsor me to do something. Perhaps a sponsored haircut or something. I said perhaps HE should do a sponsored haircut, and shave his fur off, not me! (He is nearly as hairy as me, but not on his head.) Anyway, then Sarah had a very good idea about what we could do. Or what Syd could not do! To raise money for the dogs, Syd could do a 'sponsored not eating chocolate!' Haha! He could not eat chocolate for the Bali dogs! Syd does not know about this yet, we did not tell him because we don't want to make him grumpy. I think he will be VERY grumpy when we tell him, firstly because he likes chocolate A LOT and secondly because Easter is coming, and we've got Easter eggs to eat! Oh dear, I don't think he would like this idea at all. I think Sarah should do something too, she thought perhaps a sponsored massage, like they do in Bali, if we could get $100 for the dogs, but I don't think she has the right idea do you? I think a sponsored 'no bossing' would be much better (although the dogs would not get money because she would not be able to do 'no bossing' for very long.) I am cross with Sarah, by the way, she went next door and told Bodger's human, Adam, that I had been tunneling under the fence and now they have made a plan to block up the hole. It is just not fair, I have not even had chance to chase Bodger round his own yard yet as he's always out when I go round. Spoilsports.

I am going to tell all my friends at the park about the dogs, to see if they will sponsor us. It makes me realize what a lucky dog I am, when I hear about those poor dogs in Bali, to lve in Australia, even with the S's. Only last week, I was in the park and someone had kindly left me 3 lamingtons on a picnic table. I ate them straight away. For any non Aussies, a lamington is a special Aussie cake with coconut and sponge, not normally for dogs, which was why it was such a nice surprise to see then kindly left out for moi. Yum.

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