Saturday, May 1, 2010


This weekend I have been doing 'skyping'. Skyping is when you sit on the bed (you are allowed) and you look at the computer, and people from England look at you. You look at them and they look at you, and they talk a bit and wave. It is a bit boring, but the S's like it.  Syd likes it a lot because it is free.

The people they look at are some very important older people called Pat and Bruce. I think they look quite nice - actually they look like the sort of people who might give you a lot of treats for not doing very much (especially Pat). I am hoping they come to see my one day - I think they should because they are always moaning about the weather in England. Anyway, when we do 'skyping' I try hard to look like I am interested in their new conservatory (what is that anyway?), but I am not really, and often I nod off for a bit as it is quite late. This is Bruce last time he came to Australia.....I think he looks like good fun.....he has chicken legs a bit like me though. Sometimes he is wearing pyjamas when we do skyping and sometimes we are wearing our pyjamas. It seems to me they are a bit 'upside down' over there, always doing things at the wrong time.

And here is Pat with Sarah - Syd says ' this is where she gets it from'.
I have to go now because it is bed time, and actually I have been a little bit naughty today. Well, I have been a little bit naughty every day this week and I have to go and 'think about what I did'. I am practicing 'looking remorseful'. It is hard. My face doesn't want to look sorry. Anyway, I will tell you about it another time. Mmmmmm,  I might have a little nightcap before I go to bed. Good night.


  1. You look remorseful to us, Fozzie. What the heck did you do this time?
    We've never skyped before but we sure do love that first picture of you sleeping on your back!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. We Skype here too! So we can talk to family in Austria for a long time without mama screaming about how much it costs...


  3. Hey, I also skype with my grandparents in Germania. That make cat noises and wave and love that!