Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Park

I love the park. Well, I like to RUN AWAY in the park! My tactic is: nose to ground, ears forward and just keep moving. Doesn't matter what they say, how loud they shout, I go into the 'zone' which I told you about, and I'm off.

I have fun tormenting the S's. We go to a park that has a steep cliff at the end, and I like to stand really really close to the edge, peering over as though I'm just about to jump. That gets the S's sweating and shouting. Very funny! Another thing I like to do is, when I see a baby or a small person like Tayla wobbling round (they can't walk properly those little people) I run up as fast as I can to them, and pretend I am not going to stop. That makes Sarah run really fast! Once I licked a baby's toes to see what they tasted like (not much).

I also like to drink out of the tap in the park. I wait with my tongue out until Sarah turns it on for me, and get cross if anyone else wants to drink from my tap.

The other thing I like to do is 'rumble'.  Rumbling means jumping on your friends and fighting with them, until they submit. Here is me rumbling with Shorty the labrador.

After I've had fun in the park, usually I refuse to go home. I like it in the park, there are great smells and things to find. Once I found a dried-out, flat rat (which I carried for ages because Sarah thought it was a stick) and a bird (which I ate, as Syd was too slow to get it off me.) And once I found a pile of clothes just lying there waiting to be taken, including a lady's BRA! Why would I want to go home when I can find things in the park all day? So I just lie on my side in the grass when it's time to leave; as though I might be dead, or having a sleep, and I go into the 'zone' again.

Oh yes and sometimes I just abandon the S's, and join another, more interesting family. They might have a dog that I want to play with. Or maybe they are just having a picnic that they'd like me to join. The best picnics have sausages. And once when I joined a picnic for a little girl's birthday - I put my face in her cake. She didn't see, but her mum did - I got told off for that.

Sometimes there are people lying in the grass, doing 'romancing'. I like to go and sit with those people too, and see what they're up to. I'm not fussy; I'll pretty much go with anyone, to avoid going home with the S's. Syd says I am 'a very embarassing dog'. I think he and Sarah are embarassing; standing there throwing balls, whilst I ignore them! Ha!

The best trick I played was when I ran away and went into the open air swimming pool. Dogs are not supposed to go in there. I didn't pay, I just ran straight through the turnstile, and did a little trot all round the edge of the pool, looking pleased with myself. Sarah couldn't even follow because she could not get through the turnstile so she just stood there looking cross and shouting 'Fozzie, come back here'. I did enjoy that. A man came along quite soon and said I had to go and Sarah said sorry to the man. (I didn't say sorry though because I wasn't.)

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  1. Your park sounds like lots of fun, no wonder you don't want to go home. Gracie loves to rumble as well - I wish you would come and rumble with her, so she would stop harrassing ME!