Sunday, April 11, 2010

Surprise - but not a good one

This week Sarah said I was getting a surprise. She said I was very lucky and it would be fun. All week, I wondered what it could be. Then yesterday, it came. I was very excited all day- I was waiting at the gate with my paws up on the fence looking to see what it was. A car came and parked outside, with a van on the back. I thought perhaps it was one of those ice-cream vans that come around with frozen treats for humans, and I wagged my tail, but it wasn't playing any music. Jack from across the road tried to tell the lady not to park outside his house (noone is allowed to park there) but Sarah told him it was OK, it was a special visitor for me. I was very puzzled - what was happening?

Next, a lady got out and came to the door. She asked Sarah if she could plug in her electricity. This was very strange. I wondered what was happening. THEN the lady took me out to the van and we got in the back and - horrors - I realised what the suprise was. IT WAS A BATH. I was so surprised I forgot to run away - before I knew it, it was too late. I was inside the bath with the door shut, and the water was running.

Sarah was standing outside the van looking at me, and pointing the camera. You can see the surprise on my face can't you? I was thinking: Could it really be possible that they were giving me a bath, in the street, in front of all the neighbours AND BODGER? I tried to go to my 'special place' in my mind, where there are plently of sausages and bones, so I could ignore what was going on, but it wasn't possible.

I got soaped and rinsed and conditioned. And the lady got out a big hoover and I blew air all over me so I went fluffy. Lastly, I got sprayed with COLOGNE. What is THAT?? I smelled like Syd. And I got my claws cut - this was really the final straw. Whilst I was having my claws cut the lady PUT A BAG ON MY NOSE.

A puppy from down the street came to investigate - I did some dog signals to say 'STAY AWAY, THEY'LL GET YOU NEXT!' but he came anyway. They didn't bath him though, he obviously had a nicer, kinder human than Sarah.

The only good bit was that the lady gave me a free bag of treats at the end of the ordeal. Worst bit was that I heard Sarah say she'd definitely get her to come back another day and do it again!! I'm going to make sure I'm OUT next time that lady comes.

Here is a clip to show you what they did - you can even hear Sarah's evil laughter. Feel free to send it on to anyone you think might like to come and arrest her for doing this to me.....


  1. OMG, a traveling bathtub! Who is the dummy that thought this up?! Maybe you need to think about letting the Aire out of the tires so there will be no more visits from this evil tub, Fozzie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Oh Fozzie - you are so cute, even when getting a bath and a blow dry. Remember what they say, "the Airedale is a groomed breed..." so I'm guessing there will be many more visits of the travelling bathtub. A shame it has to happen in front of Blodger though!

    Ruby and Gracie

  3. Fozzie
    i can't believe a baf was called a "suwpwise" fow you..honestly..that is a new low..expecting a pwessie and getting a baf..
    You have my sympafies . If it's any solace, you do look absolutely wondewful and i bet you smell fantastic
    smoochie kisses

  4. Poor, poor Fozzie! That is not the kind of surprise we look forward to! I, Patches, had a spa day last week. Not only did I get the dreaded b-a-t-h, but they stole my furs too! Now I'm very aerodyanmic and I smell really good. I bet you smell nice too!

    Penny & Patches