Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well, you will not believe this. It is the most outrageous thing I have reported on my blog so far. This morning BODGER swiped me and made my nose bleed! It hurt A LOT. In case you've forgotten who this devil is, BODGER is my neighbour and he is a CAT. Usually he hangs out on the back fence, which is quite high, and he smirks at me, just out of reach whilst I am on my hind legs trying to get him.

Anyway, today I was coming back from my walk, going up my steps and I did not notice the furry fiend, who was sitting on his own steps, lying in wait. Sarah did not notice him either, she was too busy looking in the mail box. He launched an attack and took us both by surprise! I was totally shocked, especially when I realised I had blood running down my face. Sarah was 'shooing' BODGER but he kept on coming. He is one mean cat. I quickly recovered my composure, and tried to get him back. I did my loudest, scariest woofs (the neighbours were all staring) and tried to box him with my paws, but Sarah was dragging me by my lead and she made me go in the house. Typical woman. I know if Syd had been here he would have helped me put that evil cat in his place. He is far too big for his paws. All day I have been making a list of all the bad things I want to do to the Bodge. He had better watch it. No cat swipes Fozzie on his own porch and gets away with it. Here is my nose BEFORE it got swiped.

After the swiping, I got a bone from Sarah and some biscuits, whereas BODGER had to stay outside in the rain all day whilst his human Adam was at work. I think I would not really like to be a cat. As well as being evil and a fiend, detested by dogs and anyone reasonable, even your humans don't like you enough to allow you to stay in the house without supervision. You have to lurk in the street and sit under cars all day until they come home. You don't get bones, or to go for walks, and you don't get to ride in the car with your ears blowing in the wind. It is much better being a dog.

I reported the incident to Syd and he says we have to squirt water at BODGER next time we see him. That is OK, but a bit lame to be honest. There are plenty of better punishments we could do to him in my opinion. Angie Paws says we will definitely get BODGER and even suggested a good type of spray that we should use on him. These humans mean well, but I would like to make HIS nose bleed. I will get him with a nice right hook one of these days.

My nose is OK now, no thanks to HIM. I did give it a rub with my paw when Sarah came home tonight though, and I got a pig's ear for being brave. You have to know how to work these humans......especially the lady ones.

PS Syd has gone to Spain on a plane! It is a long way away.  He says it is a work trip, but I don't believe it; I saw him looking up football matches on his computer........I am disappointed that I had to stay behind with Sarah. I did sit very close to his suitcase whilst he was packing, as I thought maybe he would pack me too. In fact I took out a couple of pairs of his socks to make more room, but Sarah saw me and put them back again. She is on my blacklist.......... with BODGER. I have asked Syd to bring me back a pair of 'Doggles' from his trip. These are special goggles that dogs can wear, to protect their eyes from scratches, essential  for unarmed combat with fiends such as this one.......


  1. You need to sit on that stoopid kitty and show him who's boss, Fozzie!
    That is one fatcat!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. That's terrible, I think a water gun is a good idea, maybe with some food colour in it
    "wants that mom" she says don't you dare, I thought that would be funny, sorry don't do it!!!! I'm only joking :)
    See Yea George xxx

  3. Hey Fozzie, we'll come around and together we will show that Bodger what's what. How surprised would he be to see THREE Airedales. Ha, love just thinking about it!
    Ruby and Gracie

  4. Sorry about your nose. OMD, that cat needs to step away from the food bowl! haha


  5. Bodger must have a death wish. If he tried that on me, there would be no more Bodger. I can give you lessons if you like.

    Noah x

  6. Thanks guys for the Airedale support....I am pleased to report we have a squirty bottle stationed by the front door now. Sarah gave BODGER a blast this morning, as the evil one was lurking on his porch again. His owner said she could do it, see - even his humans hate him!! Haha!

  7. What a naughty cat being so mean to you.

    Fozzie we would love to pop over and help you but you are just too far away. We can vouch for the Leuradales though they could really sort Bodger out! hee hee.

    MOlly, Taffy and MOnty