Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rainy Holidays

It won't stop raining here in Sydney.  This means that I get wet every time I go on my walk and when I get wet I have to get towelled and I don't like it. Sarah follows me round the house, trying to dry my paws and this also makes me mad - I usually wait until she has done them all, then I go outside again!

We had a week of holidays in the country and it rained there too, the whole time. I don't mind when it rains there because it's so exciting to be in the country that I forget I am wet. I also go in the dam a lot which makes me wet anyway. I will tell you more about the country later.
Anyway the best thing that happened this weekend was that Syd came home. I told you he went to Spain; well he went for ages. I looked for him every evening when Sarah came home, but he wasn't there. To be honest I was getting a bit worried that he might never come back. Imagine - I would have been left alone with Sarah, it would have been a lot less fun (too bossy). A whole week he was gone....but he came back early this morning finally. Sarah was still in bed (lazy). But I was up and I heard him at the front door. I was so excited I didn't know what to do; bite him, jump on him, lick him, wag my tail - I did all of those things, and that was even before he got through the door.

Syd brought a lot of presents. My present was a bit of a surprise though. It was a CAT. But the kind of cat you can chew! I have been chewing it quite a lot - I have nearly eaten one of its legs already. After we'd opened our presents, Syd went to sleep for a long time. I thought he was never getting up. Even when I sat on him and licked his face he didn't move. Sarah said he had 'jetlag'. I sometimes get 'jetlag'. I lie on my bed for hours. Usually when it's raining. I am trying to sleep less though, as ever since the BODGER incident I have been having nightmares. Sarah says I wake up barking in the middle of the night. It scares her and it scares me too - I don't know where I am and I leap off my bed looking for CATS. But they are just in my head apparently.

Here are some pictures of me in the country. The things we did most on our holiday were; gardening (the S's), running (me), chasing things; especially wombats (me) going to the beach (all of us), going to the pub (all of us), drinking wine (Sarah), knocking things down (Syd), and falling asleep after running, gardening and knocking things down (all of us). My humans are strange, but anyway they seemed to enjoy themselves.

Gardening is a waste of time. You dig a lot of plants out of the ground and throw them away, then you plant some more plants, and put labels on them, and wait to see if they grow. Boring. The best part is getting the labels and pulling them off the plants and running away with them (me). Also chewing up gardening gloves is good (me again). The strangest thing of all is 'making compost'. Sarah likes this. Syd has made a special shed and she puts all the old dead plants in there till they go smelly. If I can get in there I like to have a good sniff and a roll around but I get in trouble for that. In fact I get in trouble for a lot of things; chasing wombats, eating gloves, rolling in smells; really for all the great things I like to do on my holidays!

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  1. Fozzie-
    Those are some great pictures of you and your family in the country.
    Now, what is this you say about gardening?
    Hahaha, Sounds like you are pretty good at it, Fozzie!