Sunday, June 9, 2013


Yes that's right. Fozzie has been sent back to school. The rumours were true and I have been having lessons, in 3 things. I liked the lady teacher she was very nice but she was very strict too. She had a lot of treats though so I paid quite close attention.
1. Not running away
Because I have done a few disappearing s in the park I now have to wear a very very long lead. This is so I can be reeled in if I wander too far or find something to eat. I am not very happy about this

2. Not barking at boys
Because I bark at random boys usually ones with scooters or skateboards or ones who run up suddenly behind me, I have to have lessons in getting used to this. I have to hang around the playground and try really hard not to woof. Even when 3 boys go past in a shopping trolley all shouting I have to NOT woof. I do not like boys they are noisy and stupid and I wish they would not come near me. But I am trying.

3. Not barking at people who walk past my porch
My teacher says I am too possessive about our front yard. This is true. Usually I have to be vigilant and guard it from invasions by Bodger, but I have extended this to barking at anyone who dares to go past our house. Especially if they are a boy or a cat. Or another dog. Or anyone really. Anyway in order to practice not doing this I must sit on the porch and stare at a treat for a long time then eat it. This is my favourite lesson. I could do it all day, so I think it will take a lot of practice to train me not to bark at all the passers by. Sarah had better get in a bulk order of my favourite treats! Haha!

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  1. We understand about barking at passerbyers. Heck, it's your yard and your job! We do it too!