Sunday, August 21, 2016

Welsh Terriers

I have been learning about Welsh terriers. I had to, because one came to live with us at Christmas last year. I definitely did not ask Santa for him so I am not sure how he got here. Anyway it appears he is here to stay, whether I like it or not. I dread to think what I'm getting next Christmas as I wasn't even bad last year and I got HIM....

This is Perry.

This is us waiting for toast

 He is 8 years old. He is small and FAT. Ha! It's my blog so I can say what I like! Yes it's true, he is a tubby terrier. And he has all the Welsh traits. Sarah Was Warned about the Welsh. But she always knows best and chose to ignore the wise advice of others. More on that later.

So we got Perry Monster or PM as I call him from the Sydney Dogs and Cats home. The S's thought that Fozzie needed a friend. I will say here for the record that Fozzie Did Not Need A Friend. Fozzie was just fine as he was; as an 'only dog'.

Perry is the one on the left

The Sydney Dogs and Cats home is a very good place where they take care of dogs (and cats but who  cares about them?) who need a new home.  Sarah was very excited when she saw that Perry needed  a home. She thought he was a mini-me. But that is very insulting, as HE is nothing like ME! His name was actually Berry when he came to live with us but he said he felt like a new name to go with his new home so he became Perry. Now we are thinking he probably should have had a  different name more suited to his personality.

Syd thinks he should be called Kevin. Has anyone read that book 'We need to talk about Kevin'? Well  I think Syd is right. Don't read it, it will give you nightmares.

PM was quite shy when he first arrived, and used to like sitting in his crate. But that only lasted for about 5 minutes before he started trying to take over, and RUIN my life.
That's MY cushion and those are MY toys

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  1. We have been told that Welshies are not little Airedales. Poor you, Fozzie. It sounds like you're losing control. You can't let that happen!