Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Birthday Fun

I know I am supposed to be telling you about Perry but today it's all about ME. It was my birthday on Friday and I was 7.

Yes I know, I am VERY handsome
 Apparently that makes me a senior dog. Sarah says I have some grey hairs round my eyes and it makes me look distinguished. I don't think it's aging that caused them, I think they appeared shortly after you know who moved in....

Anyway we had a little party, Ringo my best brother and I.

OK Ringo is quite handsome as well

Perry found out about it and invited himself too, but I did my best to ignore him. My Sarah made us all wear embarrassing hats. Ringo's Sara is not so silly she would never do that but Sarah is bossy so we had no choice. Anyway there was cake and presents, although you would not believe what someone did to my present. Look!!!!

I had not even played with that toy 
I was speechless. After he did that Syd took him away and he had to stay on his lead and think about what he'd done whilst Ringo and I had a good play.
Sara and Sarah and the Birthday Bears

Well I wasn't ready for my close up

Birthdays are OK despite the hats. And the little brothers who steal your stuff. I tried to go home in Ringo's car with him after the party but they wouldn't let me.

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