Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Valentine.......

Last week I learned about a new thing. It is called 'Romance'. 'Romance' is when you have to give someone you like a present. Syd told me all about it. He said you have to be careful not to forget to do 'Romance' at the right times, like birthdays and on a special day called Valentine's day.

I thought about this and wondered who I could do 'Romance' with. You remember my older lady friend, Finn, who is very hairy and lives next door? Well I decided I would try it with her. Not with her sister Griff (who is also hairy, but quite grumpy and who does not like me. DEFINTELY NO 'Romance' for her).

You have to do Valentine's romancing in secret so I left a present and a card in Finn's letter box when she was out with her humans being made to do jogging . I am glad my humans don't believe in doing jogging. It doesn't look fun at all. Actually, I did not really want to give her the present, because it was one of my special pig's ears, and after I had put it in the box, I thought may be it would be best if I just kept it for myself. Anyway Syd said that was not really romantic, and I should 'do the right thing' and give away the pig's ear (even though she's got a SACK of pigs ears at her house already, which I think is a bit greedy to be honest, since I only get a pig's ear once in a blue moon.....anyway Syd says that it is not gentlemanly to talk about how much  ladies eat. But really!  Maybe that's why she has to do jogging....mmmm?)

I think that Finn was impressed with my romancing. Next time she saw me I got a big kiss! And we played at squashing plants together, until I got taken home by the S's. They are no fun. Griff was very jealous and pulled a face at me. Not that you can really see what kind of face she's pulling under all that hair. But I could just sense she was pulling a face.

It is my 6 month birthday next week. Syd says that's not really a birthday, you have to wait till you're 1 year old before you get a real birthday. But that is ages away, so I am hoping someone will remember and maybe I'll get a present. I would like my pig's ear back. Or maybe a sausage?


  1. Yes, I can see how the romancing paid off. You learn fast, Fozzie. As for your 6 month birthday, I will celebrate with you. Just remind me BOL

  2. Fozzie I hope you get another pig's ear for your 6 monthaversary. Afterall, your kindness for romancing that big white furball should be rewarded!!