Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sewing and a Midnight ride......

I have been at the Vets TWO TIMES this week. The first time, I couldn't believe I was going there again. I had not hurt myself, or been in trouble but I was left there all day, and had things done to me AGAIN. I thought perhaps the vet was going to sort out my radical haircut but no, he was poking around with my leg.

I am not sure what he did because I fell asleep for a loooooong time, but when I woke up my leg was bald again and someone had been sewing in it. I know about sewing as I have seen Sarah trying sew a button onto some shorts. She was not very good and sewed the shorts onto the jeans she was wearing. I laughed at that. Anyway, my leg.....has now got sewing in it. It does not hurt though. I proved that by running around really fast when we got home. Sarah says I should NOT run fast but must rest. She says that the vet took out 2 pins that he had left in my leg! He must be as bad at sewing as Sarah is. So that is why I had to go to the vets for the first time this week.

What is good though, is that in 2 weeks, when the sewing gets taken out.....I CAN GO OFF THE LEASH AGAIN. I have made a list of all the things I will do in 2 weeks:

2. RUN as fast as I can wherever I am.
3. PLAY with everyone I see on my walks
4. GO TO SEE ALL MY FRIENDS!! I have not seen them for ages
5. Sarah says I will also go to obedience class. Mmmm. I don't know about that one.

Because the S's don't let me have fun any more (no off leash running, no jumping, bla bla) I have invented some new, fun things to do at home.

1. Menacing the green garden snake. I made a lot of holes in it with my teeth and now it sprays water everywhere like a shower!
2. Stealing things. I like to take Syd's stuff from where he leaves it on the table and take it out to my grassy area. That is where I stash my loot. Things I have taken so far include shoes, and cushions, and wallets...... I have to be really quick because if the S's see me, the loot gets 'confiscated'.
3. Getting angry at toys. Some of my toys make me really angry. I don't know why. I just get really cross and shake and shake them till they break. I have to lie down for a rest after I've been doing that.
4. Putting my face in the toilet. This makes Sarah very cross which is why I do it! She comes running to close the toilet lid when she sees me do that. I like to make her run!!

Anyway the second trip to the Vets was really weird. Last night, very late the S's started behaving even more strangely than usual. They must have lost something because they were looking under the sofa and the table, lifting up all the furniture and looking everywhere. I don't know what they had lost, but it must have been important. They looked at me quite a lot too.

The next thing that happened was that we all got in the car. This was very exciting because it was dark and it was bedtime and we never usually go in the car then. It was good going in the car, I was a bit tired but I looked out of the window at all the lights, and wondered if we were going on holidays again. Anyway it was a surprise when we arrived and we were at...... ANOTHER VETs! Not my usual one but a new one; the 'Emergency Vet clinic', it was called. .

When we got inside, a nice lady vet came to see me. She said 'he has trouble written all over him'. I don't know what she meant, anyway she took me away and took a photo of my tummy. She said she wanted to see what was in there. Then the S's came to look at the picture. They seemed quite happy to find there was nothing in my tummy, apart from some bits of food, oh yes and some gas. Sarah said it was not a surprise at all to hear I had gas in there.

So after that we all went home again and went to bed. Very strange.
This morning Sarah was looking for something again, and finally found the missing thing. It was something I had left on my grass. It was not interesting so I had not eaten it but just scratched it a bit with my teeth. This is what it was. A shiny thing that I had found it in Syd's wallet.

Now I think they thought I had eaten the shiny thing! I don't know why they would think that! It was not tasty like a sausage or a bone! Syd says I owe him $400 for last night's ride in the car, and that I have to get a paper round and a Saturday job until I've paid him back. I don't know what he is talking about.

Hey did you all see that Gracie was in a show? She looked very grown up, I hardly recognised her. I would like to go in a show too, but Sarah says the only show I should go in is the circus. I don't know what she means by that either. I am going to visit Kay, Ruby and Gracie and my brother Ringo on Sunday - I can't wait!


  1. Words fail us - we know our peeps would be totally distraught if they thought we ate one of those shiny things.

    The Rocky Creek Gang

  2. The emergency vet said it all "he has trouble written all over him". Wise vet. Okay, to the great news now. Two more weeks and you're all done? Awesome. I loved your list. You do it all, you sure have earned it.

  3. Thank goodness you didn't eat that sausage-looking things, Fozzie!
    It sounds like better days are on the way for you once the sewing comes out!
    Have a great time on Sunday! We can't wait to hear all about it!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Our pinky rushed us all to the vet once. We all had to have our tummys photographed because he thought we ate not only the apple pie but the foil too. Four x-rays!!! No foil. There was no foil on the apple pie...silly pinky!
    Glad you're ok Fozzie!

    Your pal
    Noah x

  5. Oh dear, Fozzie - lucky they love you! Sorry you didn't make it to training on Sunday - and had another trip to the vet! Maybe you could get a job in the circus - you would be good at that and they would pay lots.

    Ruby and Gracie