Saturday, June 5, 2010


There is a new and good thing now at my park. Somebody (his name is 'idiot' according to Syd) leaves a lot of mouldy bread rolls on the grass every morning. I like to go and eat them as soon as I get to the park now, before any one else can get them. They are a bit stale and hard but I don't care about that. On Wednesday I ate SIX before Sarah caught me. I say 'caught' because whilst I was eating them, she was chasing me. I was onto her though. Each time she got a little bit near, I waited a second, so she thought she could get me, then I ran away. It was a really good game!  On Thursday I had about 5 before Syd caught me. I felt a bit sick when I got home, maybe it was a bit too much. I have a cough now because the bread was quite hard and it scratched my throat. Syd said I was eating it so fast perhaps I inhaled some. He threw a lot of it into the water for the fish, so I could not get it, but I was full by then so I didn't care. Ha!

Anyway, the S's don't like me eating the mouldy bread. They tell me off and say we can't go to that park any more we have to find another one. They say that rats have been eating the bread because it's hollow in the middle. Fancy that! Now I know that rats like the bread I am even more interested in it. As well as bread, rats are my passion. I would love to get one. I have chased a couple and seen two dead ones. I don't know what I would do if I actually caught one. I think I would bring it home to be my friend. I am sure Sarah would like a rat to live in the house with us. I would not share my pigs ears with it though.

This is me saying Pleeeeeeese give me some bread. Or a pig's ear. Or a sausage. Or even some toilet paper?

It is autumn time now, and I like it. Firstly because I am not nearly so hot in my fur as I was in summer. There are a lot of leaves blowing around to chase which is another good game. I have learnt that in Australia we are very special and we have autumn when noone else is having it. A bit like the Queen's birthday. Interesting. Also we have roast dinners instead of salad. Roast dinners smell MUCH better than salad, and sometimes the S's let me have some. Here is me and here is Oscar (before someone stole all his fur) being LOCKED OUT when everyone else was inside eating roast dinner. Can you believe it??

Today I am going to 'obedience' again. I have not been for a while. I hope Gracie and Ringo are there! Sarah thinks I go to learn things but I just go to see them, and sniff all the other dogs (and to eat sausage of course).


  1. Hey Fozzie, that park with the bread sue sounds good. you have to admit that people do the darndest things... throwing perfectly good bread in the water, locking you out when they have a roast dinner, not liking rats as much as we do (I am crazy mad about the rat in our yard). We'll miss you at obedience, cause we're up the coast at the beachhouse.
    Ruby and Gracie

  2. Mouldy bread sounds yummy to us too, Fozzie!
    We hope you catch a rat! Hey you can make a rat sandwich between 2 slices of that delicious mouldy bread! yum

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Fozzie, if you give the moldy bread to your people, will they give you a better treat like a piece of cheese? That's what we do. We took our mom to obedience school and trained her to give us treats.
    Alanis and Miro

  4. Fozzie

    I think homans have vewy diffewent talste buds than we do. All of us would be scawfing down that mouldy bwead, but I know mommi would have a fit if she caught me.
    Stoopid hooman who is causing all this twauma.
    Maybe youw Mom ow Dad can tempt you to leave it alone by having bettew yummies on hand while they pick up the wotten bwead.

    I love youw pictoowes. I would let you shawe my woasted dinnew any time
    It's sooo hot hewe , we would love some blowing leaf weathew
    smoochie kisses

  5. Hi Fozzie-

    Nice to meet a fellow Dale! Mmmm bread....I eat stuff on the ground too.
    Have fun at school!


  6. Hi Fozzie nice to meet you, I'm a WT and live in the UK we are almost the same age. Its a great game to pinch something and watch the peeps trying to catch you, I have then well trained because they give me a treat to get it back.
    See yea George xxx

  7. Gee Fozzie, We haven't seen any of your posts in a while. And now we find out that you are eatting disgarded park bread?! WAY To gO!! Baby generally forgets all her manners where large quantities of food are we can picture you running from slice to slice gulping them down as quickly as possible.BOL. Just don't get sick.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD and Hootie

  8. Fozzieeeeee. Where are you?? We miss you fella!!!
    BabyRocketDog & Hootie