Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup Winter

Gosh I have been so busy I have not had time to write for a while. I don't know what I have been busy doing....I think mostly I've been sleeping. I seem to be quite tired now that it's always dark. And I have yet another new bed to sleep on so I have to divide up my days making sure I get a sleep on each of the beds (I don't want to wear one out).

Because it's winter apparently it is acceptable for the S's to make me wear a jumper. I would not have needed the jumper if they had left my fur alone, but for some reason they thought it was also acceptable for me to get a hair cut just as the temperature dropped 10 degrees. I quite like my jumper anyway, it is quite manly, not like some of the other things I have seen dogs being made to wear down at the park. Gordon got it for me. Thanks Gordon.

Sarah says she doesn't know what I am moaning about and if I lived in England like most of the other Airedales, it would be colder than this even in summer.

Syd doesn't speak much these days because it is 'The World Cup'. Now this could be another reason why I am a little bit tired. Syd and I have to stay up ALL NIGHT MOST NIGHTS watching 'The World Cup' on television. It is exhausting. It's very exhausting because we have to support 3 teams; Greece, England and Australia - even though all those teams are rubbish!! We are always changing our shirts depending on who is playing. Syd won't wear the England shirt though. I don't know why we don't support Brazil, I like them better. Or perhaps New Zealand because they are doing well- better than Australia actually (but I am not supposed to mention that).

It was quite good because Sarah went away when 'The World Cup' started and it meant Syd and I could just live on the sofa, and not eat vegetables, and not tidy the house. We had to do a lot of tidying just before she came back, Syd was in a panic actually and was hoovering up all our pizza crumbs and furballs. And he bought some vegetables to put them in the fridge (just for show.) But he forgot to throw away the old dead flowers in the vase that Sarah told him to throw away the day she left! Oops. Sometimes us men can't get anything right.....

I got a present from England anyway when she came back - a new dog toy, which was good and lasted me a whole day before I destroyed it. I can usually get through a new toy in 24 hours. Sarah says if anyone has a suggestion for indestructible toys please let her know. She also says thanks for the advice from you all about the what she does is she takes me my own breadroll from home to try and stop me eating the mouldy bread. I like bread better than anything, even cheese or sausage. I don't know why - I just do. It doesn't stop me eating the mouldy bread though, it just means now I get double bread!! Don't tell her!!


  1. Noooo New Zealand drew in all games so they are as crap as we are hahaha. At least we won one!!! Ok enough about the world cup.
    Are you going to the airedale fun day?

    Noah x

  2. You new doggie jacket looks very handsome on you, Fozzie!
    Have you ever had cheesebread? yummm

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. I like your new jacket. the flowers were a bit of a give away, never mind you'll know for next time. Its nice to have some dad bonding.
    See Yea George xxx

  4. We really like the jacket - so masculine and you looks so very handsome in it. We are having really hot weather now - and our fur is almost too much for us.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  5. We love bread too - especially panne de casa, yummy! We are going to be playing Airedale football games at the fun day - in honour of the World Cup. Hope you can come join us.

    Ruby and Gracie

  6. Hi Fozzie-
    You look super fab in your dog jumper! Hey, it's nice to have some man time around the TV with no girls.


  7. We really like your doggie jumper, Fozzie! It is very manly! And I bet it keeps you snuggly warm!

    Penny & Patches