Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Brrrrrr today it was 2 degrees! That is VERY cold in Australian temperatures. I have been wearing my jumper all day - even to the park. Sarah is wearing 2 pairs of trousers, 3 jumpers, a scarf and ugg boots - and that's just in the house. She says houses are unacceptably cold here in Australia - there is no heating. It's true, it is warmer on the porch in the sun, than in the house. That is where I've been spending time. If I hang out on the porch long enough, sometimes Gordon next door gives me a pigs ear!
We have exciting news. We are going to be spending more time in the country. I have been told that I am getting my own wombat and maybe a kangaroo to play with. We went to the country a couple of months ago (when it was warm) and I had the best time. Well we're going to be going a lot more now and I will have a very big garden to play in. I think this will be very good. Here are some photos of where I will be spending my weekends. I am going to invite my friends to come and play with me. They had better bring their jumpers though, as it's even colder there. (ps that is not the actual house on the right, it's just a shed where Syd says he will sit to get away from Sarah, and maybe drink beer). This is the house, and my new garden!
Football is still happening but there are now no teams to follow. England went out 'in disgrace' apparently. Sarah was cross about that. I know about being 'in disgrace'. It is not a good place to be. We had a good, new thing though for the football - we had red and white balloons round the house - until last Sunday. I had not seen balloons before and at first I was scared of them, but then I got brave and chased them, and I was allowed to burst them all with my teeth after England lost. That was good fun. It will be my 1st birthday soon. I have asked for a lot of balloons and a cake all to myself. I noticed that everyone gets cake when they have a party, but they never give me any. I think I will invite my friends for a picnic and a rumble, and some cake, and to help me burst my balloons. This is me about to kill a balloon.....
Sarah has become an Australian citizen now. This means that she got a certificate, and went to the pub (that's what you have to do if you're an Australian), then came home with a furry kangaroo which Syd bought her (not a real one) and put it on the mantelpiece. I have been eyeing it and am waiting patiently for it to fall off so I can rip it up. In Australia now we've got a new prime minister who has ginger hair and is a lady (Sarah thinks this is good). I am not surprised by this - ladies are much more bossy than men so they probably know best about being prime minister and telling people (especially men) what to do all day. I didn't know that they let people with ginger hair be prime minister though. Mmmmm, maybe one day.......


  1. Oh! you'd make a great prime minister - that is if they get prime rib every day for dinner - BOL!!

    Congrats to Sarah on her citizenship.

    Lilly, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  2. Have you got your new jacket on, that will help, Your weekend place looks the biz, think of all the zoomies you can do.
    See Yea George xxx

  3. 2 degrees? Can we please come and hang out with you in about 4 days when our temps return to the 90's, Fozzie? We HATE hot weather!
    We need to plan a birthday pawty for you so you can eat cake! First birthdays are VERY important!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. oooh, a country home - that will be great for you! We'll come and play with you if you need Airedale company. We would love to chase a kangaroo or wombat (more chance to catch a wombat, they are much slower).
    Gracie is going on about her birthday coming up soon as well - we should call Ringo and have a birthday bash together. Kay has a great recipe for liver cake...

    Ruby and Gracie

  5. What a nice Aire-Garden at your new place! There will be lots of room to chase balloons there!


    Pee-ese- Happy Almost Birthday!