Sunday, August 22, 2010

Christmas in July in August

Well we have had a very interesting weekend with our friends. We did a funny thing. We pretended it was Christmas (it is not Christmas) in July (it is not July, it is August). I was confused about this. I still am. Anyway, apparently we have to do this in Australia because we get Christmas at the wrong time, when it is hot. So.....if you want to do proper Christmas, when it's cold, you have to do it in July. But in August. If you understand that perhaps you can explain it to me? We had to go to the Hunter Valley to do this, because that is where you find wine, and you need wine to have Christmas of course.

Anyway. More importantly it was VERY GOOD FUN. Oscar was there, and Tayla, and all their humans And Victoria, who is my special lady friend. There was A LOT of food (always good) including pigs in blankets and turkey and there was a BIG GARDEN to run in. What else? Oh yes balloons, and Christmas pudding (which Sarah set on fire which was a bit embarrassing, obviously she is not a very good cook).  And there was SANTA. But Santa was Syd. Confusing again.

Oscar was scared of Santa, but Tayla and I were not. We liked him because he was cooking sausages. Actually he set them on fire too- what is it about the S's and their cooking?? They should leave it to the others. But maybe not Jan as he tried to make gravy out of bread when noone was looking; but I was watching him and I saw.  Here is Jan and Jason - drinking wine.  They managed to get a glass before Sarah got to it.

In the Hunter Valley there really  is a lot of wine (Syd says there is even more than Sarah can drink) and you can go around tasting it for FREE. Except dogs may not taste wine, and they have to wait outside. I tasted the fountain instead whilst I was waiting. Oscar wanted to swim in the fountain but his humans said no. Why do humans say NO so much? 

I did get a little bit too excited in all the fun and I accidentally ate something I shouldn't have during Christmas dinner. Syd was chasing me, and I just gulped it down quick so he couldn't get it. Fortunately I threw it up again in the S's room at 4 am. It was one of Tayla's little pink socks. Sarah wouldn't give it back to Tayla, I don't know why. Tayla has plenty of other pink stuff so I don't think she would have even missed that sock. I also tried to eat Santa's beard........

Actually Santa split his trousers when he was showing everyone how to do a 'grapevine'. I think this was something to do with wine as well. I am not allowed to show you a photo of the split trousers.

I liked going away with our friends, especially Oscar. I gave him one of my peanut butter biscuits, and he let me chase him round in circles for ages until we both got dizzy. He is quite fast for a short-legged little chap, and a bit sneaky as he goes through small gaps that I can't fit into. He can also fit under the table without people noticing him, whereas I get  in trouble for that. Mmmm maybe there are benefits to being a little fellow after all.


  1. Happy Chriestmas to yea, It still looks hot even if it is your winter!!
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Merry Christmas to you - it looks like fun was had by all. We adore the last photo!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  3. OMG, that last photo is just too cute! Merry Christmas, Fozzie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch