Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This weekend the S's did removals. Removals is the most boring thing I've ever seen. More boring than the S's doing work on their computers instead of playing with me, and more boring than being made to sit whilst your dinner is made (always too slowly). Even the S's didn't like doing removaling. There was a lot of swearing* and grunting# and showing of bumcrack+.

Syd's friend Manuel helped us to move things. I wanted to help too but noone would let me so I just had to watch. Boring.

There was one good part to removals. That was; sitting on all the things that were being removed. If you timed it right, you could manage to sit on a thing just as the S's were about to lift it - that was very good fun. Also going in the truck was OK, but I was a bit squashed (Sarah is a little too fat) and I had to wear my seatbelt and could not lie down comfortably, so I did a lot of fidgeting and big sighs until Sarah got the message and moved up a bit. I was a bit confused actually because we kept putting things in the truck and going somewhere, taking them out, then coming back, then going again. I was not sure where we were going to end up - but finally we went to my favourite new place; the country.

We had an awful lot of things to remove and Syd had a lot of driving to do. I had a lot of waiting to do and practiced doing patience again until I fell asleep.

On Sunday I had to watch the S's carrying a lot of things around again in the new place (and more swearing and bumcrack), and just as I thought it was getting TOO BORING FOR WORDS, something good happened. A new dog just arrived in our garden. I don't know where she came from, suddenly she was just there! She was quite old but very friendly, and she stayed all afternoon to keep me company. She kept sitting where I wanted to sit though, so I kept sitting on her. Sarah said I should stop 'mithering' her and let her sit, but I wanted to play and anyway; why should I leave her alone when she's in my garden eating MY bone? I don't think she will be my new girlfriend (a little bit too old) but I will let her be my friend. I hope she comes again next time we are in the country.....

*by Sarah, unladylike = not acceptable
#by Syd, manly grunting whilst lifting heavy items = ok
+I'm not saying whose; use your imagination.....

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  1. Fozzie-
    I'm sure your mom and dad really appreciated all your help with the move. Hope you didn't learn too many new colorful words..Haha.
    Your new pal and neighbor looks very sweet. Nice of her to welcome you to the neighborhood!