Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When We Were One...........

It was my 1st birthday last week. I have been longing to be ONE, so that I could have a party. Well I had TWO parties! One at home with the S's (a little bit boring, but they tried - we had balloons and cake) and a second party which was in the park with all my friends and was much more fun.

For my birthday I got: 1. A big bone (I have already eaten it), 2. A toy bone that makes a funny noise and is supposed to be indestructable (we'll see about that....) and 3. A new Mr Flea (to replace my old Mr Flea who someone who shall remain nameless but whose name starts with Sa put in the bin because he was apparently 'too manky')....

Kay and my mum Ruby and my sister Gracie came to the party in the park and we had liver cake and peanut butter cookies. Oscar came for a bit, but was taken away by his humans because they could tell he was planning a dive into the canal (not allowed). AND very exciting -  a special guest of honour came as a surprise.....Rupert the Airedale. Rupert is very distinguished, and the S's told me that he is the reason they got an Airedale in the first place. Syd once gave Rupert (and his human Gary) a lift in the car because it was raining, and after Rupert put his head on Syd's shoulder, Syd decided that if he was ever going to get a dog, it had to be an Airedale. I think that's a good story, although I don't know why anyone would ever want any other type of dog really.

So Rupert came and met my friends and played ball for a bit, then he sat and watched us all because he has a poor stiff leg so he couldn't run as much as we did.

Ringo my brother was supposed to come, because he was ONE too, but he had hurt his paw and couldn't make it. We were all very sad about that -especially me because I was outnumbered by bossy girls (until Rupert came). In fact, my mum Ruby was so bossy that she told me off for playing with her toys, and got me in a headlock, and I didn't like that at all. Syd said it was because it was 'that time of the month' and you have to watch out for women around that time.  I don't know what he meant but I certainly will be careful around mid-August in future. These women can be very tricky, I have learned.

Now I am ONE I think I will be allowed to do what I want a little bit more....maybe I will eat when I feel like it and stay up later, and catch rats, and chew up shoes, and sit on the sofa, and NOT have baths. I think that's how it works, right? And the S's and BODGER will have to show me 'respect'. That's what Rupert said - he said older dogs deserve a lot of respect. I am looking forward to that. One day I might even be as distinguished as Rupert.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you...Great party at the park! It's amazing that all you dales, sat still for a picture taking! I just turned 2 this week. We are having my party on Sat. Yeah!