Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog without a dog

A very handsome me

Don't panic, I am still here (the dog) but I have not been writing like I promised. It's been another whole year, we had a Christmas again (the S's got out that tree that you must not wee on) and this year has been sooooo busy that in the end I had to just give up my regular updates and I am going to do a 'review of the year' of 2012 for you now instead. Every time my paws felt like typing some news the S's were either; at work, 'too busy', gone out, or asleep. This meant no one could switch on Computer for me so I couldn't do my homework. Yes I can type, but Computer has a fiddly switch at the back that paws can't manage, so that was that. I did ask Santa for an iPad this year; well everyone else in this house has one. iPad's are surely designed with paws in mind, aren't they? 'i' have 'pads'  on my paws, don't I? Get it?! Oh I bet you have missed me!

Here is my paw and here is someone from England wearing socks and sandals AT THE SAME TIME! How funny!

Anyway, we have had Christmas and I have been in holiday mode,  but now it's back to work and so I am catching up on my homework and and am ready with a few stories. I will tell you what the S's have been up to (mostly boring) and what I have been doing (mostly 'not allowed' things) and who I have seen and where I have been. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin....... Actually, it has been so long I had better remind you who we are. First in the pack and most important is Fozzie. I am quite a woolly sheep in this photo as it was winter (you can tell by the scarf).
Handsome but hairy me
Me wondering where my dinner is
Me still wondering where my dinner is

Equal Second in the pack are the S's (Syd is a bit before Sarah; she is definitely 3rd in pack pecking order ok?)  Though she is in charge of rations, including peanut butter, B.O.N.E S ( we are only allowed ever to spell that word, not say it, in case someone gets too excited (not sure who?) and other treats, so I have to be a bit nice to her. I am not sure why she is in charge of such important stuff, I suppose Syd is too busy?

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