Thursday, January 31, 2013

Country Business

Well at Christmas and afterwards we went to the country a lot. We go all the time now for the weekends. This is our routine. We go in the car and I sleep until we are nearly there but I always wake up at the end of our road when we are 3.5 km from our house and I go 'on duty'. When you are 'on duty' you switch your eyes onto 'beady' (not beardy, though Syd and I are both quite beardy) mode and you do a low sort of noise in your throat, and you stare very hard out of the windows. You are looking for creatures. If you see a creature then the noise in your throat goes very loud and high and squealy and your legs go a bit like Scooby Doo's legs when he has seen a ghost and he is running on the spot, and you do this until you can't see the creature any more, because it ran away or Syd drove past it.

 These are the creatures I mean. There are Roos, there are Echidnas and there are WOMBATS who only come at night so I don't have a photo of them.

 They all live near our house and they go in MY garden when I am not there. That makes me so mad, hence the squealing and beadiness. Once the S's let you out of the car, whilst they are unpacking you run round as fast as you can and you sniff very hard where all the creatures have been and you bark a lot, just to let them know that you are back and that it is NOT ALLOWED for them to come in your garden. It is not really very restful for me in the country actually. As well as being on duty, I have to bark at Tractor, swim for sticks and also have a lot of baths. I have reported previously on how I am not at all keen on baths, but no one seems to have been paying attention.

We have 24 ducks living on our pond now. I have counted them. When I am not barking at wombats, or Tractor, I am barking at ducks. It is a full time job. The neighbours have also got creatures. Look at this. One day I stared all day at this and it never moved. You know why? It's a 'fake sheep'. Seriously. Those neighbours also have none-fake hens. I stare at them too. Sarah says we are getting our own non-fake hens and I am quite excited about that, though I am playing it cool because if the S's think I am too excited at the prospect of eating hens, no sorry I meant to say; eating eggs, they may change their minds.

We made a special veggie patch also which I am not allowed in because I have been seen helping myself to carrots. Gardening is boring, I leave that to Sarah, but digging up food is the good and fun bit. Syd is also not allowed very much in the veggie patch ever since he pulled out the tomato plants as he thought they were weeds. I weed in there once when I was helping myself to a carrot. Yet one more thing on the 'not allowed' list. It is quite long that list.

Sometimes our friends come and stay. Here is Victoria my best
lady friend; when she came we went to the village show. It was very hot but they had cold beer (and water for dogs). They had none-fake sheep too. Look what this man was doing to this poor sheep. Actually it looked like torture but afterwards that sheep told me he was much cooler and happier. Sarah spent ages looking at home made jam (nothing is more boring than that) and was threatening to put her home made things in next year's show. I didn't say anything but I don't think she will be winning many prizes. See for yourself.

she should have stopped at the scarf
I will be regifting this back to Syd for his birthday
Hat. (Syd only wore it in the house, to be polite - then he gave it to ME even though I did not want it).
Jam. (I refused to have it on my toast).
Drink that makes you go silly. (not for dogs)
Carrots! (OK they tasted alright but seriously?)

Apparently this is a carrot

this looks homemade - I would not touch it.

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