Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Christmas and Ringo and me

So it really has been so long since I wrote that I have to start with LAST Christmas. That is not just a festive song, by Wham! that we have to listen to at this time of year, it is a real thing. So, last Christmas we had VIPs who visited us. They came on their boat. One of them wore socks and sandals AT THE SAME TIME ( I think I may have already mentioned that but it needs to be said again) and the other one really knew when a dog might like a treat. ('Often' is when a dog likes to have a treat.) She can come again, that lady.

OAP Transportation

A nice lady (and Sarah)
Another nice lady (and that silly old person)

A silly old person

Santa - his beard was longer than mine!
We did a lot of typical Australian Christmas things with the VIPs. Syd calls them the OAPs but I think he got that wrong.  We went to Bondi Beach. We ate prawns. We hid from Fireworks (that was just me). We chased rabbits (also just me). We played Christmas games, we ate lots and we did sightseeing. We dressed silly. Some people drank a lot of wine. Anyway it was quite good. But the best part was afterwards in January when Ringo came to stay with me!  Ringo is not one of the Beatles, he is a Hairedale, like me. Oh yes and he's my brother and he is heavy! Well he's heavier than me.  His family let him come for 2 weeks and we had so much fun. We did a lot of naughty things that I won't go into as we made a pact called 'what goes on tour stays on tour' which means you don't tell the S's what you were doing whilst they were out.

mine, no mine
head wrestling

We did a lot of fighting and swimming and sleeping and eating. I even let Ringo sit on my special big chair with me. He was a bit sad at first when his family left but then he realized how much fun it was going to be, and I explained the rules of our house which are that 1. You don't have to listen to Sarah and 2. You do sometimes have to listen to Syd but only when his voice is really getting cross, then Ringo settled in and made himself at home. If I am honest there was one thing I did not like about having a guest and that was sharing my bones. I am fine about sharing chairs, and toys, beds and rugs.....but bones are a different matter. I can't help it, if there are 2 bones I want them both, in case one is better than the other. I mean, how do you know you got the best one unless you take them both and try them first? Ringo is more 'laid back' than me about bones, which Sarah says is probably a good thing. You only have to say the 'b' word near me and I go all quivery in my tail. Anyway I loved having my brother to stay, we make a very handsome pair of chaps even though I say so myself.

Ringo is about to sneak off and I am doing my face on the side which they always like in a photo

A pile of Hairedales
I don't let just anyone sit on my special chair
my favourite man (not Santa)

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