Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dog gone

Me not running away

Me and some bread that I am not allowed
I am in very BIG trouble. I was lost this week. I was out on a walk and I sort of got distracted and my nose told me to follow a really good smell so I did but I went so far that I couldn't be found which led to a PANIC. A lot of people were looking for me in the big park where I like to go, and I was spotted several times before I was found.  Yes we have seen a black and brown curly dog with his nose to the ground, people said.

Me on the trail of a good smell
When I was found I was not very pleased because I had made some new friends and I was just hanging out with them. I liked them because they were sharing their lunch with me. Well I didn't want to be rude and leave in the middle of a meal, and they had GARLIC BREAD which might be the best and tastiest snack ever invented. Anyway, once I was found the fun was over, there was no more garlic bread for me and I had to go home. Incidentally, in that same park I once found a film crew who had a special van where they were making my other favourite; bacon rolls, for the film people. Well I managed to eat 4 before I had to go home. It is just too good to be true when you find food AND people who hand it out. Workmen always share their sandwiches with me. You just have to sit patiently and look at them with you most serious face on, or head to the side pose and that usually scores you some sort of edible.

Everyone had been very worried about me whilst I was missing. I made international headlines and Syd even got a phonecall about it in London because his phone number is on my collar. So I think he is cross with me too. Sarah thought maybe I had been stolen because I am so handsome. Everyone agreed I was a very BAD and GREEDY dog. So now I am supposed to stay close and I heard a nasty rumour that a dog trainer is coming to our house to 'teach Fozzie the boundaries'. NO! I don't need any 'training'. Syd says I have to wear a GPS whatever that is. And Sarah says I have to wear a sign on my collar that says 'do not feed me'. There is NO WAY I am wearing a sign like that. I will eat it before anyone can read it.
What smell? I can't smell anything.

It was a bit smelly in our house after the garlic bread incident. Sarah opened all the windows and I had to sit in the yard till I stopped making bad smells. I didn't mind the smell actually, I went upstairs in the bedroom and did a really big bad smell just before bedtime! Haha! That will teach her to talk about dog trainers and boundaries......


  1. Fozzie-

    Mmmm garlic bread, I can understand that.. But, don't make your people worry. You be a good dog and listen to your trainer, maybe you will get some tasty treats that won't make you stink..ha ha!


  2. Fozzie I will be back this week and I am bring discipline with me ,
    Love Syd