Monday, February 18, 2013


Pack leader - that's me on the left

Well. This will be a short entry. Sarah says she can hardly bear to think about what I did. Just when she thought I couldn't get any naughtier (after the running away and the garlic bread) I have surpassed myself.  I thought that was impressive but she says not. It is to do with eating things again. But things I REALLY shouldn't eat. Noone should eat this Sarah says. Syd has been informed and he says that we should not tell anyone about it because noone will talk to me any more or come near me. Well that's fine with me I hate people coming and patting me anyway. Unless they've got treats.

I'm very sorry (not really, hahah!)
It is so bad and revolting, according to her that we cannot write it down. I did have to have my teeth brushed when I got home, and she also washed my mouth with SOAP. I don't have my own toothbrush as usually I use bones for tooth cleaning, but this was a special occasion and as Syd is away she used his toothbrush. I saw her wrapping it up and putting it in the bin afterwards.

Yes, you should beware of me
So I think I had better just let you use your imagination as to what it was that I ate. I can't tell you why I did it. Sarah thinks I am being extra naughty because Syd is away and I am trying to be pack leader. Trying? I AM pack leader. I do what I like.

I never get enough sausages that is why I have to eat unmentionables

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  1. I can guess what you ate, Mr. Fozzie. Some dogs just do that. The best solution anyone has ever found is to pick it up asap. There's also something that can be sprinkled on dogs' food, though I don't know how well it works. I think it's called Dis-Taste.