Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where is Syd?

Here is a film of me at Kangaroo Valley in our dam after a LOT of rain. Note how I am on a lead. This is because they think I will run away and chase things. Well they are right.
Anyway I thought you would like to see me fetching a very big stick. I was looking through my photos and I was getting a bit sad because - Syd is not here.

Can somebody trim my eyebrows? I can't see.
Syd has been gone for a very long time. I have spent one week and one weekend with no Syd. It is making me a bit sad and I am thinking about him a lot. This is called moping. I have been sitting at the front door quite a lot waiting for him. But he doesn't come. I have also been sleeping in his place in the big bed upstairs (but don't tell him that).

 It is not the same without Syd. There is less food for a start because there is no cooking being done. Unacceptable. Sarah eats weird stuff when he is not here, like salad and other boring stuff that doesn't have to get cooked.
Sarah is sitting in MY place

I have been remembering some of the good times, that Syd and I have enjoyed. Dogs have good memories you know.

Here we are playing on the X Box. That is for men only.

I always need a snooze after I've beaten Syd at X box
We are just resting our eyes - we probably played X box before
Here we are having a sleep on the big chair ( I let him use it sometimes even though it clearly has my name on it).

Here we are making a BBQ. Well Syd makes the BBQ and I sit really close and sniff very hard. I refuse to wear an apron though, it's not manly.

I'll have mine medium rare please

We have swapped Sarah for someone nicer
This is me and Syd and Zoe, my favourite person to goose! And here I am with Syd enjoying a nice cold drink, this is what men like to do together. No talking. Just having a drink.
Get the beers in Dad
When are you coming home Dad? I heard that it is 'soon', but soon to me means in about 2 minutes. I am waiting for you and please don't listen to any 'tall tails' about my behaviour. I have really been a good dog and have bossed Sarah about quite well, just like you told me to.
I am the beardiest - No I am.

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  1. Fozzie, I'm sure he will be home in not that many sleeps.Y'all have manly things to talk about.
    Sally Ann and Andy