Sunday, February 17, 2013


This is me waiting to goose someone

This is me on a sofa I am not supposed to be on

We have just had a special visitor come to see us all the way from England. People are always coming over here to Australia from England because we have all the good weather and they have all the rubbish weather.

Here we are enjoying the good weather in Australia.

Anyway this lady was Zoe and I liked her. I especially liked goosing her with my nose because no matter how many times I did it, she was never expecting it! Goosing is a new hobby of mine. I am just the right height for it, and when your nose is long like mine it's just too tempting. The best is to wait until the victim has come out of the bathroom when they are half asleep then you sneak up and give a quick poke.  So much fun!  Also I liked going in her room and taking her things away when she was not looking.

Zoe in Sydney
NZ wine is the best but we will drink anything
Another lady came for one of the days and she was Julia. Zoe, Julia and Sarah have not seen each other all together in the same place for 15 years, since they went to University. That is a very long time ago, because they are very old. They were very excited to see each other and of course when ladies are excited they are screechy. Syd and I put up with it and didn't say much, as it's only once every 15 years they get together. But I could tell his ears were hurting a bit, like mine.
is it time to go home yet?

Sophisticated ladies
Apparently this is dancing
Here they are doing what old ladies like to do when they get together. No not knitting. Drinking. And dancing!! I am glad I didn't have to go, look how patient Syd is being.....

One beady eye on the door waiting for old people to come home
They stayed out very late, and I stayed at home and looked after the house. I don't like it when people get silly. I am not a party dog. I often slink off to my bed at the first sign of any festivities, like loud music, corks popping or ladies voices getting screechy and I don't come back till everyone has calmed down. Zoe has gone home now, but more visitors are coming soon. I think it's the old people. Visitors are OK but they sit about talking about jetlag too much and how much sleep they have had or haven't had.  Yawn.  Listening to that sends me right off to sleep.  

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