Friday, February 1, 2013


The S's had another holiday without Fozzie this year. I didn't care at all though because I had my own, much better Ringo's house! It was such a good holiday I didn't want to go home at the end. I had to eventually as the S's were getting lonely without me. Anyway more about that later. First I have to show you where the S's went.

Good to see there are some dogs in Greece

A Greek Feline
 Greece is a place with a lot of boats and food. All the photos I have seen of Greece have got food in them. That is fine, I am a big fan of food, but also there are some photos with CATS in them. Why anyone would go on holiday to the same place that CATS like to go on holiday, well I really don't know. Anyway the S's went off to Greece all grumpy and came back in a good mood. They said that Greece is relaxing - all that eating probably makes you relaxed; I know when I have finished a bone I always have to have a big sleep.

A lazy Greek Feline
If you interested to know, then there are several types of Fozzie sleep. There is 'collapsed in a heap sleep' like after walks and bones.

I don't mind sharing my chair with Syd

There is 'watchful waiting' when you have your head on your paws but really you are concentrating hard and listening for cats and postmen.  And also there is 'obstacle course style' which is where you stretch out as long as you can be, either in the hallway or in front of the door so that if you do nod off, no one can get past without you noticing.

This is Doga (it is yoga for dogs)

There is no chair or sofa that I am not allowed to sit on

Greek food and of course wine

As you can see, in Greece the S's met those VIPs again, sorry no, I mean OAPs.  The OAPs were going on another boat leaving from Athens.  They seem to do a lot of that. Apparently old people get a special pass so they can go on as many buses or cruise ships as they like. Unlike dogs who are not allowed on buses or ferries here in Sydney; unless their owners are disabled. I think the S's definitely meet that criteria. I did once get in a bus but he man said I had to get out. And I have been on a travelator which is a moving sort of a floor that won't let you go backwards, I did not like it at all. Nor did I like going in a lift; humans really do weird stuff don't  they!?

So here are the S's on their dog free holiday with the cats and the old people. Looks rubbish to me.

The other thing they do in Greece (after eating)  is dancing. Syd LOVES dancing. But he is not allowed to do it because of his knees. I don't really understand dancing, I would rather chase felines to get my exercise but anyway that's just me. Here is Syd thinking about doing dancing.
Will my knees hurt if I do dancing?

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