Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sarah says I have to 'come clean' and also go next door and apologise to 'The Bodge'. OK then - I'll admit it; the cat in that picture was not Bodger. But I got you all going didn't I?! Pretty funny eh? And one of the first things my mum Ruby taught me was that it's always OK to make fun of cats, I've got heaps of 'cat jokes' if you want to hear any? The real Bodger is too fast for me to actually get a photo of him; he's a furry blur. Bodger the Dodger I call him. He is white though, and he's big and has a mean face. And a 'skulking demeanour'.....I definitely wouldn't trust him. I heard him getting told off at his human's bbq for stealing a sausage.

Whilst I'm confessing things, I'll let you know another secret. Those humans in the pictures I've been showing you are not really Sarah and Syd. I guess I'd better put up a photo of the real S's too....

Right I feel better now I've got that off my chest. Confession is good for the soul. (Yes Sarah I did chew your brown flipflops, and that skirt you are wearing today makes you look fat. Oooh noooo, stop, I can't stop confessing things now I've started; I'd better go quick). I'll leave you with a picture of the real me.

Much more photogenic than the S's aren't I? They're lucky I let them hang out with me.


  1. Why you little stinker! Here we all thought that gigundaga cat was Bodger. Well at least you don't have to worry about the house next door sinking into the ground from all the weight.hehe. Oh yeah, we are sure that photo is NOT your hoomans!! They are kinda cute though, for people that is.
    Smooches, BabyRD & Hootie

  2. Well, well - Fozzie's a fibber! You were always such a good little pup, I don't know what has happened to you son.

    The S's are actually very attractive, I hadn't really noticed before... almost as cute as the real you in your bone print scarf.

    Hope your chicken leg is improving and that you will be back to wreaking havoc on your household soon.


    Ruby and Gracie

  3. The real you! Of course that's what we all want. As for the S's, they're okay looking too. Leave them be. Don't you know better than to tease the hands the feed you? BOL
    I was VERY relieve to hear you are done with the evil cone. See if you can cause some damage while your humans aren't watching. Be diplomatic though.