Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeling down

This week, I am quite sad. Sarah thinks I have depression as well as a chicken leg and a not-completely-black nose. If I do, it's entirely 'bucket related'. I am still forced into the offending plastic at nights and when the humans are at work. It is an outrage. A funny thing happened this morning though, Sarah put on the bucket the WRONG WAY ROUND! I looked as though I was stuck up a drainpipe. I gave her a very hard stare, but she didn't even notice it was back to front, until Syd pointed it out. Women, honestly. Thank goodness for my man human.

Also would you believe that Bodger the cat from next door has taken to sitting on my front door step? This is the worst outrage of all. I don't mind cats, but I do mind who sits on my step. He is 'taking advantage' Sarah says, because I cannot go outside. He'd better watch his step though (ha!) because I will be reclaiming my territory very soon. He has been warned....

There have been two happy things this week though, both involving ladies.

My friend Victoria came round to visit- she is nice. Even better than Victoria though was the great big pig leg she brought with her. I could not stop wagging my tail and sniffed so hard I got a headache. I was very excited. I have had pigs' ears before - they are my favourite. But never a pig leg! It was a Christmas pig leg that she couldn't eat so she shared it with me and the humans. Actually I think she got a bad deal, as all she got from Sarah was an 'OK' magazine in return for a whole leg, and they taste rubbish. I like Victoria even more now! Sarah could learn a few things from her.....

The second good lady thing was that Carolyn, my babysitter came back. I did not see her over Christmas; I had to put up with 'the S's' and I missed her a lot. Carolyn usually takes me off in a van and I go for walks with some other doggy friends. This time though she just came to visit me. She was sad to see what S and S had done to me (I told her it was all their fault). She gave me a lot of love and treats. I hope she comes back again every day. I am sure I can persuade her to liberate me from THE BUCKET and maybe get that pig leg out of the freezer....?

If any more ladies are planning on coming round to visit this week, can they please wear shorts? I am missing following girls in shorts since I am not having my walks at the moment. If legs in shorts could come to see me, that would be very good and would help my recovery. I asked Syd for some photos of ladies in shorts to go on my blog but he said no, he would get into trouble. Here's a photo of Syd in shorts, but it's not really the same.....


  1. Fozzie - are you sure that enormous furry blob is a cat?! That looks pretty scary, I wouldn't want him sitting on my step.

    Glad to hear your baby sitter is back on duty, sorry to see that the bucket is still a feature of your life though. The big pig leg sounds awesome.

    Don't be depressed little guy, all will be well soon. We sure miss seeing you.

    Ruby and Gracie

  2. Gee, that cat looks like it's eaten you with the bucket still attached!

  3. Bodger looks to be a tad over weight. Yikes that is one fat cat! Now we are so sorry that you are still restricted to the plastic neckwear, but maybe soon it will be off for good. We're hoping so.We like short weather very much 'cuz we like to lick legs and it is a big annoyance to our hoomans. They both hate when we do that, but they are so tasty!We never get pig legs, so have to settle for hoomans. hehe.
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  4. Hi Fozzie, Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie's mom told us about you so we came to say hi. We have to go figure out why you have to wear that silly lampshade, but we hope it can come off soon. And that cat, are you sure it is only one cat - it is huge!!! Nice to meet you.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  5. Hi Fozzie, Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie's Mom, Cassie told us about your broken leg. We hate that you are having to wear the lampshade, but if it helps you heal faster, it might be a good thing.

    We've never been around cats much - occasionally there is one when we go to the vet. And we're pretty sure that Bodger is at least 2 cats sharing one head - that is one big feline!!

    Please come by and meet us sometime - we're terriers too!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  6. Hi Fozzie
    So nice to meet you, even though undew less than nice ciwcumstances.. Hootie sent me by telling me you had a bwoken leggie..ouch!!!!!!
    I'm so sowwy and hope it heals vewy soon so you don't have to weaw that dweadful cone anymowe and can tell that hoomongous cat whewe to go
    smoochie healing kisses,ASTA

  7. Holy moley! Is that really a cat, Fozzie? You need to start a serious training program if you're going to show him a thing or two about staying off your steps! He's huge!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Hello and pleased to meet you. I'm Twinkie, the tiny Chi. I came right over when Baby Rocket & Hootie said you had hurt your leg. I've worn a cast for a large chunk of my life, twice actually, and it wasn't fun. It's no fun for your peoples either. Hang in there, it'll pass. Oh, and if you don't chew on your cast, they'll take the evil thing off. Think about it, okay?