Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Friends

I thought you might like to see my friends.

Here is Oscar - he is a spaniel. We love to chase each other until we both collapse in a heap. I never catch him. (He is a bit mad; once I saw him dive headfirst into a canal!)

This is my sister Gracie (she is the hairier one on the right...I don't think a girl should be that hairy do you?) Mostly, she chases me ( to get my bones.)

Here is Finn. She has a sister Griff who is a bit grumpy and won't play with me. They are both 'older ladies' but I don't mind that, and Finn lets me pull her hair out (also quite a hairy lady, you can see), ride on her back and shares her snacks with me. She is very patient.

I am very excited to find I have some new friends who are followng my blog! They visited from my mum Ruby's blog! It is good to make new friends like this, since I cannot go for walks at the moment. I still haven't told Syd and Sarah how I broke my leg. They are guessing it involves stairs and running too fast, but I won't tell! The stairs are now 'out of bounds' for me apparently.

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  1. Ah, it's always nice to make new friends. We're glad we've found you!
    Isn't Gracie the most adorable thing (albeit very hairy)? Of course, you are most adorable, too, and Ruby, and...