Friday, January 8, 2010

Strange goings on

Some funny business has been happening around here. Maybe it's because I stayed up all night muttering under my breath about this plastic bucket, and didn't get much sleep. Or maybe it was a dream.....but I DID see the Tooth Fairy last night.

Two things are strange about this Tooth Fairy...... The first thing is that he didn't leave me anything. I am supposed to get a present for my tooth. That's what Sarah told me. But this hairy fairy just went in the kitchen, had a drink and went away again.

The second strange thing was that the Tooth Fairy LOOKED LIKE SYD.
This is very strange because, at Christmas, when Santa came - he LOOKED LIKE SYD too. Santa also came downstairs in the night, had a drink, and went away again. But at least he left me some presents.

Now I am Syd the Tooth Fairy? Is Santa a Fairy? Is Syd Santa and a Fairy? Are all fairies hairy? And where is my present?

If anyone knows the answers to these questions please let me know. It is all very confusing and I think I need a bit more sleep.....
PS I am still not speaking to Sarah and Syd - it is for their own good, they have to learn.


  1. I would insist on presents! Try scratching the door or eating the skirting board. That'll get them thinking....

  2. The Tooth Fairy is a magical and mysterious creture... but I sure am surprised to hear it looks like Syd. But what a clever disguise! A common ploy I guess, as Santa obviously does the same.

    There were supposed to be presents, though, I'm sure of that. You was robbed.

    Ruby and Gracie