Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Things I don't really like

I am not scared of much, me being a 'King of Terriers'. But here are a few things I don't really like:

1.Dogs who don't is Kuro; he is sort of my friend but he got very cross when I tried to share his snacks. He got put in the garage at his own house for growling at me!

2. Swimming. I don't get it. Why does everyone want to go in the water when you can dig in the sand? There is no picture of me swimming - cos I won't do it!!

3. Those 2 growly dogs at the big house on the corner who scratched my nose. I was only peering at them through a crack in the fence, and now look at the state of my poor snozzel! They scraped all the black off one side with their claws. Sarah says she's going to put boot polish on it if it doesn't go black again. I don't think so lady! I will just grow my moustache a bit longer to hide it. Apparently between my nose and my leg I have been 'in the wars'. I won't walk past their house any more, I make Sarah cross the road.

4. Broken legs.....its sooo BORING not being able to play or go for walks. I can't go upstairs and can't stand on 2 legs - which I'm really good at. Syd says he'd love to hang round the house all day like I do, and that I am lucky. It's true, I am catching up on my naps. And today I had 2 visitors. Ruby's other human, Neil came round and I tested my teeth on him, and made him bleed (oops) and Jack from across the road also came to see me - he is 81 today - imagine being that OLD. I bet he likes naps too.


  1. How dare you scratch you on the nose like that?!

    You could called them cats or "pussies". Only cats do that.

    You did well snatching that smoked salmon sandwich off the bench with your broken leg!

    Molly (impressed)

  2. We know ALL about brothers who don't share, don't we, Mitch?!
    That wasn't very nice of that doggie to scratch your nose! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch