Friday, January 8, 2010


Two things happened today. First, I lost a baby tooth. I am gettng my 'big boy teeth' now! Syd says that means I have to stop biting everyone. My teeth are sore though, I have to chew on something, and humans have tasty arms. Anyway Sarah is saving my tooth - she says the 'tooth fairy' might come tonight. He'd better not come near me; I'll bite him.

Secondly, I went to visit the vet today. I like it there. Everyone knows me and I am quite famous. I especially like all the nurses..... and the free treats. Anyway, the vet took away my blue leg! Underneath my blue leg is a bald chicken leg. All my fur had been shaved away, it was quite a shock to see it. It doesn't look very nice. I have 6 stitches too. Anyway it hurts more now and I am a bit sad. I still can't go for any walks and I don't like to put this skinny new chicken leg of mine on the floor in case it snaps, so I hold it up in the air. It is very tiring.

The WORST thing that happened though, was that at bedtime, I had to sleep with a plastic bucket on my head. The humans said it was to stop me licking my chicken leg. They have gone too far this time. I am NOT HAPPY AT ALL. It is bad enough to have a blue leg, no walks, no playing with friends, and NO FUN. But this is the worst dressing up they've EVER done to me. I am not speaking to them. I know they feel guilty because they keep giving me treats. But it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

And how am I going to bite that tooth fairy with a plastic bucket on my head....? I am not allowing any photos of this degradation, so you'll just have to imagine it.


  1. Oh dear - that does look a bit like a chicken leg, Fozzie. Poor little pup - it's good to have the bandage off though - you'll be out to play soon, I'm sure. Let me know if you do get a bite at the tooth fairy, that sounds like fun.

    Ruby and Gracie

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  3. Oh Baba. I have chicken leg too, can't move and am not allowed to clown around either. It's like saying, Inky, you can't be Inky.

    Keep making them feel guilty about the bucket. That happened to me once. I made them feel so guilty, they took a week off in the end so they had they hands free to keep me from licking stitches. I got lots of treats too. So keep at it!!


  4. You sound so down, Fozzie! Your chicken leg will heal and one day you'll be racing around your yard like a nutty Aireboy and you'll be happier and we'll be smiling right along with you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Awww, the "cone of shame," as it's called in the movie "Up." You'll find out it makes a great battering ram.
    Sherry, Alanis & Miro

  6. Ah yes, the cone of shame! Poor baby Fozzie. We put a link to your blog on our post today. Mentioned that you broke your leg.

    OH Fozzie boy, can I sign your cast?? I'll send my paw print by AireAir!!hehe