Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fleas - grrrrrr

A word or two about fleas. I HATE them. In my short life, they have already visited me 3 times, and they drive me CRAZY.

This is how I look when I have fleas....NOT happy.

The humans are always putting potions on me - I hate that too. I roll around and try and rub them off. Then there are the baths. They SUCK. The baths involve standing in a washing up bowl, rubber gloves, water getting in my face, and it's just all so undignified. I go all skinny when I am wet - apparently humans find that very funny. Then I go fluffy after I am dried. Also funny, according to them. Well, I don't think so. After every bath I do my best to get smelly again as soon as possible! Ha ha- that shows them!

This is how I look when my fleas have gone - believe it or not, this is my happy face....celebrating! If anyone has any tips on how to avoid baths and potions, please let me know. Mmm, I feel another petition coming on.....The best thing about this broken leg is that they can't bath me with my leg in plaster - woohoo!


  1. OH NO! What do the pesky flies want from you?
    We've never had them. We get smeared in Advantix on a regular basis. We hate that stuff. When we hear the tube come out of the pack, we're off...
    Bathtime is not very much appreciated over here either. We make sure she makes up for it with a delightful crunchy, bacon-flavoured, triangular-shaped treat called "Schweineƶhrchen" after (apparently that's some other animals ear but that sounds a bit weird, doesn't it??).

  2. We've never had fleas, Fozzie, and Mitch gets a bath about twice a year! I know, it's hard to believe, right! I'm not quite as lucky *sigh*
    Mom puts Frontline Plus on us once a month when the snow isn't on the ground.
    Fleas don't sound like they're any fun at all!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. You hate baths? I love them. love love love them1 sometimes I crawl into the bathtub around midnight and start whinning for someone to please come turn on the shower!
    Mom started closing the bathroom door, phooey.

  4. Mmmm. I don't think you guys who haven't had fleas yet can live in Australia? This summer, apparently we have 'plague levels' of fleas, according to our vet. Sarah spends all her time examining my bottom, looking for evidence of them. I get a bit bored, I would rather go out and play than have someone stare at my bottom....I think she is a strange human! She is also rude; she says I am smelly and will be having a bath as soon as my leg is better....nooooooooooo!