Sunday, January 3, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions

My first New Year's resolution is to be more careful. My big New Year news is that I started the year by breaking my leg. Can you believe my bad luck? I have not told the humans what I was doing, because they are making a huge fuss already. I might have been stair surfing whilst they were out though....

Anyway I have been quite brave, though I say so myself. I have been seen by 3 different vets, and had a pin put in my leg. I am pretty tough eh? I am not happy about having my leg in a stupid bandage thing though. And apparently I won't be allowed to the park or to play with friends for FOUR WEEKS! I have been practicing running on 3 legs and am getting good, though Sarah keeps trying to stop me.


  1. Oh dear Fozzie, that leg bandage is much more impressive than my sock foot ever was. Poor little fellow - better take it easy for a few weeks at least.

    I hope they spoil you a lot while you are recovering! Do come see us when you can.

    Ruby and Gracie

  2. Oh puppy! Tell your parents to get pet insurance. I am about to have reconstructive knee surgery done because, apparently, I have been "too wild" and that seems to be quite common with us Airedales.
    We know, the broken leg is a lot of pain for you but we are sure it has caused some pain of a different sort to your pinkies.
    Our pinkies are experiencing $4000 pain for my knee pain at the moment...
    But as German proverb says, shared pain is halved pain!

  3. Poor guy Fozzie... I hope it doesn't hurt anymore, I mean, I'm sure it isn't hurting too much when you're running around with Sarah chasing after you!

    I hope it gets better soon so you can go back playing with your sister and mom!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  4. Hello Fozzie, first we would like to introduce ourselves. We are Molly, Taffy and Monty and we live in the UK.

    We are delighted to see another Airedale blogging and we look forward to reading all your adventures.

    We are very sorry to read you have broken your leg. Our predecessor, Ben the Airedale, did exactly the same when he was about your age and had his leg pinned. Now that is a tale to be told..............

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  5. Goodness, Fozzie, only a few months old and already a holy terror. You know what they say, "There's a good reason why Airedale puppies are so cute!"

  6. Oh no Fozzie, this is a horrible way to start the new year!
    You know what sometimes my family calls me Fozzie cause they think I look like a muppet! I'm excited to see how much more trouble you can get into in your first year!