Monday, January 4, 2010

My Christmas Holidays

I went on my first holiday over Christmas. We went to Barrington Tops and stayed in a cabin. I had to squash in the back of the mini with all my luggage (Syd really needs a bigger car!) It rained a lot but it was still good. I met some new and strange animals up there. It's not like Sydney at all - there were animals bouncier than me (who make poos that you can eat!) and animals that snorted on me (I snorted back) and these funny birds that made eggs for breakfast - amazing! The worst bit was that the dog in the next cabin, Scooner, was a bit too friendly towards me (if you know what I mean). My humans had to rescue me from him, because he kept coming round and sitting on me. I was not keen on that. Anyway, there was another nice dog there called Jessie who was my friend - I wanted to sit on her, but her humans wouldn't let me.

I have learned that humans are there mostly to stop you having fun. They say 'no' a lot. (No, don't eat poo Fozzie, No, don't chase chickens Fozzie etc). It got a bit tedious. The best part of the holiday was going to the beach on the way home. Although the humans tried to trick me into the water I pretended to be deaf (a new trick I picked up recently). I had great fun chasing other dogs and digging a huge hole. I slept all the way home after that.

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  1. You're sure smart for a young guy, Fozzie! Pretending to be deaf is a great trait to have!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch